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Hey everyone,

We love that sentence don’t we “I doubt it”. My question to you fine lot today is why do you doubt yourself?

I can be sure that you will be convinced of the negative outcome. After all we know that when we are saying “I doubt it” when used these days basically means no or we can’t.

Does effort or hard work scare you, no I don’t believe it does. We walk around like it’s a badge of honour the amount of hard work we do. So it’s obvious this is not the case. We’ve spoken about fear please read here.

Fear is a root cause that we doubt, is the biggest maybe. What about those that claim to be fearless? Those people that can seemingly do all those external things that would scare the hell out me or you?

Yet these very people can rave about bungee jumping, ask them if they can become a millionaire? “no that’s just a pipe dream” Or my favourite “hah I highly doubt that”. So based on that, fear in and of itself cannot be the only obstacle.

So back to it, why do you doubt yourself?


The fear of failure can be so debilitating that we never even try! But surely trying and failing is the same as not trying? They both end at the same destination accept one bruises your ego a little. (That precious ego warrants a post by itself, for god sake tame that beast)

So if it’s an ego thing or even a failure thing, seriously so what if you fail first, second, or third time? Do we all try new things and strike gold the first time? NO.

If it was that simple I wouldn’t be writing here about why do you doubt yourself. We all have to learn process’s and that’s more than ok. Every time we do something new there will be nerves good nerves bad nerves but we get through it don’t we.

We can learn to swim, then become a professional swimmer, then become an athlete to go to be an Olympic champion. What did they do different to us? Nothing that we CAN’T do.

They learned processes they refined processes. Each time becoming better than their best shot before. They give it their best shot and still beat it. Why? Because they didn’t give up on that first hurdle or the second or the third. You become what you put your mind to there is no doubt in life and history about this.


Don’t doubt don’t procrastinate, just get up and show up. Will there be errors yes! Look at your toddlers, do they stop trying? No!

We learn we grow, we fear we grow, we fail we get up dust off and go again. When you look back you will have wished to have started sooner. There are a lot of inspirational quotes stories books out there, in that moment they give you a boost. When I started my own self-development journey I had all that. “Wow that book is amazing” stayed with me for a few weeks then I lost track a bit.

What did I do differently, I picked up another book on similar subjects. So I kept learning and growing. This became a habit a great one, to the point I became a teacher that still learns and grows every day. What if I’d stopped and given up after the one book? Doesn’t bare thinking about.

You may have doubts everyday over numerous things. Why do you have to doubt why can it not be a positive outcome or even a learning curve? Maybe something better is awaiting you around the corner.


(Pet hate coming in guys, this is my ultimate eyeball roller those that have achieved it once twice maybe various times but still doubt!)

WHY??? You know you can do it, it’s been done by none other than your good self. That should lay a phenomenal foundation of confidence in your fine ability to get what you want! If you are having a bad month and feel that shake look back to all the results and that will and should give the comfort that you need. What you think about you bring about so please do yourself a favour and think, I’m not doubting I’ll do better than last time!

New job, new client, new relationship. Whatever it is you WILL ROCK. You have the knowledge from before, we are always growing for our betterment how can that be bad thing? We will never get a challenge in life that we have not got the tools to deal with, it may be hard but NOT impossible.


Not having control over said situation and declaring failure is not cool read here. First and foremost, why is it failure? Because that’s the name you have chosen to give it. Why is it not learning?

You learnt a bit more of what not to do on the way to your amazing success. As we say “you learn from your mistakes”. Failure is only failure when we stop trying.  Even if you believe you have not got control over a certain situation, you have control over your reaction. You have control over your perception.

If you perceive it to be good or bad either way your right. If your view is doubt or possibilities either way your right.

If you were unable to control a situation or manipulate it to your liking. Then chances are it was never really yours to control. We don’t lose control we don’t have faith because keeping control means hanging on so it doesn’t go wrong. What if you let go and it went the way it was supposed to and in the unseen future it was perfect? Will your ego grant this sort of interaction in your own life or will you fear failure and fight against it?


Now this is something we can learn to do. We can learn to doubt the doubt! When it comes knocking you can simply question it and give the opposing argument. If it’s something you cannot possibly fathom coming true, then don’t start with the opposing argument. Start with the next best thing.

Example, if you are unable to see yourself as a millionaire what if you could see yourself doubling your salary? Or starting an online business? So the dream maybe big when you decide to say “I doubt it” or doubt sets in. However, break down your big picture into the smallest steps necessary so you can start with what you have.

Then ask yourself “can I do this” and the likely answer is yes you can. If your answer is still no you have not broken your dream down enough. You can start with the things and skill set you have right now. As move towards anything you will start to see things come in that you need to learn to help you. It simply is about giving it a chance.

Please don’t say no without trying, it’s a matter of time. Don’t doubt just do give it a shot whatever it may be then look back and rejoice in the better decision.

It’s not because you can’t it’s because you doubt. Remove the doubt and you can.

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