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I did a gigantic leap and go from 21k to 47k per year in the space of 3 months. Let the story unfold as you find out for yourself how this can be done.


I’ll never forget the night it all blew up for me, not in reality (yet) but in my head. It was late winter in 2014, dark outside frosty and very cold. I had just finished dinner and was washing my dishes. Unlike all the thousands of times that I had washed dishes this time I had gone into a deep meditative state. Little me (little me is my conscious chatter box and big me is my subconscious) had completely stilled, vanished.


I was immersed and completely still in my mind. It was like when you look across a still lake. Perfect and quiet with no ripples to move the water. My mind had transformed itself into this lake. This went on for a minute but it felt like time had stood still with me and hours had gone by.


A complete and utter Aha! Moment took place yet it felt so scary. (Aha moments are amazing but to act on those moments is another level all together). Luckily for me I had been priming my mind for a moment like this already so that when it happened I’d be brave enough to take the action needed. If it wasn’t for stumbling upon certain readings and educating myself on how the universe and our minds work. I would have never taken such bold action because I would have lacked believing.


The Year Of 2008


I’d like to rewind even further back to 2008. I was working a normal 9-5 job, I worked as a case handler for a solicitor’s firm. We worked in teams of two, I was working with a woman called Kate at the time. This particular day I was feeling really unwell and I thought that I couldn’t possibly go to work.


It was the summer really hot and my job at the time was working outside. We did work expos in various different locations across the south east of England. Massive green gazebo’s had to be loaded into the car and pitched up by ourselves. I had not long started this job and hadn’t even had my first month’s wage. I had enough fuel to do my 40-minute journey and probably around £3 to get a sandwich and a drink.


It Can Be Hard


I’d been out of work on and off before I landed this job due to suffering from an anxiety disorder that is primarily based around my phobias. When you can’t afford to buy drinks all day in the hot sun of summer let alone being sick. Given the circumstances by all accounts I should not have gone into work on this day. Something just nudged me to go in and I did.


Nothing out of the ordinary happened accept Kate kept talking about this book she was reading. I found it a bit “out there” I mean were talking nearly a decade ago. This stuff was not really in main stream, the book I stumbled upon was The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This was my first introduction to the law of attraction. This story is not all about the LOA its more about what happens next so stay with me.


Just a few days after my day with Kate we were called into a meeting, they were letting us go. The company was going into administration.


The Ideal Job but Not the Money


I often think that I was placed in the job with the solicitors just so that I would find out about The Law of Attraction. It was timed so perfectly by the universe that I’m still in awe about the orchestration of the event. I was only in that position for around 4 weeks.


The secret by Rhonda Byrne in my opinion is a little fluffed yes there are these universal laws governing us but The Secret did not give us the full picture. On my journey to find the best hacks to success quicker I came across a few books.


These books are far wiser and beyond doubt deeper explanations of the way the universe operates. Teaching us how we can harness its power to do our bidding.  The first is The Answer by John Assaraf and the second is by Melody Fletcher Deliberate Receiving: Finally, the Universe Makes Some Freakin’ Sense!


Making Things Faster Quicker


These are just two books of many that explain the deeper connections we have to the universe. I wasn’t satisfied with knowing what was out there that could help me. I wanted to know how to make it faster and work quicker for me right now! At this point we know of the LOA and for those of you that don’t I suggest reading Melody Fletchers amazing blog as a starting point.


I’d like to come away from the LOA for a minute. This is how my journey began but it unfolded with a lot of different information. Information which is life changing for all of us. Back to my new job I had been in and out of work again and finally settled in 2010/2011 in a position that I would be in until 2015.


This position saw me grow as a person a leader and learn the corporate world on a mass scale. Whilst this was going on in my work life I still hadn’t reached the potential I wanted. I wanted to earn double triple figures FAST.


Is It Brainwashing?


I’d not forgotten what I had learnt back in 2008. I had learnt that we as individuals hold the power to creating a successful abundant life. I learnt that our thoughts create things. That we needed to change our thinking in order to get the results that we dreamed of. Again, several years saw me practice this new-found way to no avail. This led me to the other half of the equation.


I kept studying and I came across more science backing these theories that we do hold the power in our minds. If this is true and it implicated such power within each one of us, why were the major corporations in the world like the food and technology giants worth billions and we are getting by on minimum salaries yet working more hours?


Its Ludicrous!


For me this was ludicrous. I wanted to know the secrets to gaining full control and power over my own life. Everyone seemed brain washed, working 9-5 but not getting ahead in life. Turns out we were getting brain washed.


Let me introduce you to a mind-blowing book Mind Programming by New York Times best-selling author Eldon Taylor. Eldon has a degree in psychology and metaphysics and is also part of the American Psychotherapy Association (APA). This work along with many other books, research and documentation paved the way for me to fully understand what was going on here. Why the LOA is only half the equation and why it takes so long for our “good” thoughts to come to fruition.


Marketing! Adverts! = Mind Programming


I went on to find out that the big companies spend millions and millions just on advertising and marketing alone. These companies work on getting us to buy products however they direct these adverts at our subconscious mind through subliminal messaging.


These messages are designed for mind programming. Our real actions lay in our habitual thinking which lays in our subconscious mind. When a message that is repeated to us over a prolonged period of time it becomes programmed in our subconscious. We don’t recall everything from our waking conscious thoughts we remember things these things are filed away in our subconscious mind.



Our subconscious does things on autopilot for us like driving a car, or washing dishes. We don’t need to re learn these tasks we just do them automatically and therefore this is called mind programming. There are things that are programmed into our subconscious that do not serve us, for example if we were told we are not good enough or told we would not amount to anything over and over again for a prolonged period of time this becomes true for us.


This is true for us even if we keep telling this to ourselves! Anything that becomes recorded or programmed into the subconscious mind the subconscious will then bring that about for us without us even trying.


The subconscious will automatically filter out any bits of information that is not congruent with your current mind programming. I learnt that the subconscious mind takes in around 20 million bits of data per second whereas the conscious takes in about 2000 bits per second. These figures can vary but you can understand which mind is more powerful and with that power runs our life.


Mind Programming Ourselves


There are alternative ways to do mind programming quickly by speaking directly to our subconscious . There are plenty of ways we can do this but one powerful way is through the use of subliminal messages. I currently have a mac book and run a software called Subliminal – SmartCodeHQ on it. This allows messages to be flashed on screen so fast that we are unable to see them. As I work they are being flashed all day long and I chose what I want programmed into my mind.




I started using subliminal messaging for myself in various different ways back in 2010. You can listen to audio as well I took to saturating my mind with new beliefs. These things were based around empowerment and creating a better self-image. Once this was achieved by 2014 I went onto mind programming for goals like wanting to double my salary or work for myself. I wanted more and believed that I could achieve it.


I started programming my mind for success and I was clear that I did not want to go the normal study and training route. Formal education and study is great for academic results but that is not the only way to become successful. If you manage to get your subconscious on board then you have a winning ticket.


The Gigantic Leap


That Aha! Moment whilst washing my dishes was this, I finally took BIG and BOLD action, I quit my job of several years which I felt I was under paid for and I felt my self-worth was more than my job. In this energy, I was not going to draw anything I wanted to me.


As the saying goes “nature abhors a vacuum” and I created one hell of a vacuum!  I had already started applying for jobs that were way above my CV skill set. I was hungry and I took action based on my programming that I would have never taken before. How scared would you be if your CV read a 25 – 30k salary and you wanted to jump into the 50k mark? At this point I was still being paid 21k.


Belief Keeps You Going


In early January 2015, I’d left my company for good I kept applying with covering letters, explaining that I was hungry for learning and I would be an asset to the companies. I was already a leader in my mind I was already there I had taken complete control of my thoughts and let nothing break through my mind-set. I had quit my job with nothing but new mind programming and belief to keep me going.


Then it happened in March 2015 a full three months later I was invited for an interview. This position I had partial skill set for, I had not even worked in this industry before.  I remember going for the interview I had not been interviewed by three senior members before. Knowing deep down this was a different ball game.


I Was in Lego Land!!


Me and my big sister and her kids had decided to go to Lego Land. This is when I got the phone call. I was congratulated then told that I would have to take a lesser salary than advertised due to my skill set. . ..


Umm nope! I told my soon to be manager that I wouldn’t budge it didn’t take much from my strong standpoint to convince him into giving me my 47k salary! The rest is history.


In Closing


The moral of the story, we have to learn mind programming and all these tools help us Mind Programming: From Persuasion and Brainwashing to Self-Help and Practical Metaphysics by Eldon Taylor will teach you eye opening information that shocked me at first but then changed my life for the better. You purchase lots of different software and audio for subliminal messages for apple and android.


The key is to not lose faith. You must have complete belief when you do this, doors will open for you. Its bound by universal laws only you can walk through them. Be brave be bold take action!


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