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Hey Everyone,

Does the universe conspire for us? (or as some put it does the universe give a f@#k).

This post was inspired by this very question,does the universe really conspire for you?being asked somewhere else, and the comments left were soul destroying. I did not answer on that particular website however I wanted to write this post. I feel some of us need to educate the ones that are extreme pessimists and view the world in a sad light.

This way my friend’s cause’s more of the same repeated in your own lives. Please read here for an explanation.

It begins with addressing what they were talking about in this instance a mother is praying for her child with cancer and asks the above question. (does the universe really conspire for you?).

The answers given to this woman are somewhere along the lines of “Don’t believe in this claptrap” and “the universe doesn’t give a f@#k”.

WOW!!!! I am so very proud of my fellow brothers and sisters out there. Truly how proud I am to belong to the same human race as you fine people! (For those of you who read my blog, you would have noted that was heavy sarcasm. For those that are new to me this was heavy sarcasm!).


Have you ever just had a feeling? A gut instinct? A knowing? That you couldn’t explain.

Have you ever had an incident where somethings happened that could not have happened without a higher interference? In other words, no person could have pulled the strings for that moment to take place. Synchronicity comes to mind.

There are no rational explanations to these events in our lives. Yet somehow there is a universal understanding we all know it on a deeper level that something far powerful and beyond us exists.

So, does the universe conspire for us? The universe is always delivering what you get is dependent on how you feel your belief. Your thinking throughout an event and far before that event, it really is an amalgamation of all these things.


 The mother who is scared for her daughter, this is not her fault in terms of “did she want this” of course not!

Could have she prevented this with changing her thinking maybe not no or maybe yes as we have all heard of miracles (a faith in something bigger). You see we have all been conditioned to think “we will believe it when we see it”.

Has anybody ever seen a feeling? Has anybody seen intuition? If you have, we should talk.

The problem with this sort of conditioning is there is no room to view the world in a better light. A world where we believe big miracles take place every day. We believe in doctors and pharmacies. After all this is what we are taught so how can we be held responsible and learn a new way?

The people who have lost close ones due to terminal illness were unable to create a shift due to the way they view the world. Once told that their child has cancer (which we are told is incurable so that would plant a deep-seated belief that this is something we may not get past). This fear alone would be enough for any of us to give up.

We would pray and cry and hope. However very few believe furthermore our reality is shaped by the overall content within our subconscious minds.


If we have been thinking the same way our entire lives, with a sudden event of this magnitude we will not override our downloaded beliefs within weeks. Our perception will not suddenly change to start believing that miracles can take place and that there’s more at work than modern medicine.

At this point we are already locked in vibration that is made up of all kinds of unconscious beliefs that we are not even aware of. Based on all the evidence collected because of our current belief systems, on a universal level we will never be allowed to see a different reality because we are blocking that with our current belief systems.

In order for these types of shifts to occur you have to be willing to believe on some level that what you want can happen. Added to this belief is having to hold that belief in an inexorable manner. This is quite an ask for someone that holds forms of these beliefs already let alone someone that’s just conjured up this faith in time of need.


 You will have blocks to. These blocks will arise when you take on any new way of thinking until its concreate. These blocks are the evidence which you have built up over your life time, with your way of thinking and you long held belief systems.

In order for you to change your belief system so that it matches what you want you will first have to think a different way, you will then have to wait to see things come into your reality that support this new way which you are thinking. As you get closer and closer to your new reality or shift you will have to go over a lot of mental hurdles and it will be testing.

None of this (to begin with) will be easy. Even at a later date it will not necessarily be easy, however our perception would have changed as we become a dab hand at changing our reality.

Does this mean that if these steps are truly followed the women with the sick child can save her? So, does the universe really conspire for you?


 Yes, this means that women could potentially save her child. Also, note that we can help in another’s reality but we cannot create for them.

What I mean by this, the child who is sick has their own vibration, no matter how young. They would have downloaded their own reality based on everything around them. The likely hood could be that they have the same programming as the parent, as the parent talks to them and helps them believe on a deeper level that changes can occur the miracle may take place. Even if it’s an extremely young child, as they sleep they can hear and take things in.

Like with anything we cannot give a definite as to if this phenomenon will or will not take place.

I do know that feelings give our thoughts superpowers. They enhance and make the process quicker so that change can occur. There are also known “quantum leaps” that one can make you can read about those here.


 Giving false hope can occur only if the information is false. I’ve personally known people that were medically dismissed and told would no longer live defy these statements. Not only did they defy, they obliterated these statements and went on to live life’s we only dream of.

I admit that reading those comments to this question stirred up all sorts of emotion in me. To say the universe doesn’t care is a bitter pill to swallow. How many stories have you heard of miracles taking place and sudden recovery and of divine intervention.

Even science has started to postulate these notions.

For those of you that want to stay in a bitter world where nothing can be good, and magic does not take place. Our universe will continue to be your genie and provide you with the evidence to support such barbaric theory’s.

For those that have opened your eyes and want to live in a world where there’s pure wonder. Believe in powers above the human race and want to embrace such power to literally create a life full of magic

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Until next time

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