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Hey guys!

Following on from my previous post re programming the subconscious. I discussed the different levels of awareness. I’m now going to follow on with tools we can use to get our subconscious mind to work for us rather than against us.

If your anything like when I first started using these methods you likely won’t know where to begin. The mind starts thinking of so many changes. Losing weight, gaining muscle, quitting smoking, doubling or even tripling your salary. My advice here is make a list of things you want and start with what your mind allows you to accept more freely.

If say you haven’t got a big income and you want to be a millionaire or a billionaire. ( I mean come on guys wink wink nudge nudge wouldn’t that be mega cool!) But I digress sorry got a bit excited with the word billionaire. Your subconscious mind will give you very plausible arguments as to why this will never be true.

Why? Because you have been fed all these beliefs (thoughts repeated) that this is not possible. Your current belief system could be along the lines of:

  • I need a better education
  • Im not good enough
  • People like me don’t become rich
  • I don’t deserve wealth abundance or even that pay rise!


As I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts. By this point you would have gathered enough evidence from past events in your life to confidently say all the above. This is based on your belief filters. Your subconscious mind that takes in 11 million bits of data per second would focus OUT anything that does not match. What you’ve told it to match i.e. the negative beliefs about life that I’ve mentioned above or any other belief that your holding true that does not serve you.

Finding a current belief that doesn’t serve us and changing that held belief can take time. As we have core beliefs and they are then held in place by lots of smaller beliefs. Going back trying to find all the ones that don’t serve us to change them can be hard. However we can using the tools to override those beliefs. The way this works is the more focus you give a certain belief the more power it has over you. Thus expanding to a much bigger scale forming your reality around you.

Think of beliefs in your mind as lots of little rivers flowing with water the flow is your thoughts. Now if you change course on your thoughts the water will flow in a different direction leaving the old river to dry up. (And leaving your old belief to die out) and the new river will be flowing with the water (thoughts) you’ve just added creating a new belief that serves you.

That is how beliefs are added or subtracted from our minds. How we change direction of flowing water (thoughts/beliefs) is what these tools will help you achieve.



We need to repeat ALOT so it becomes a habitual way of thinking. Ultimately we want this new thought to run around in our minds like our negative ones do. For this we need to repeat the new thought over and over (not like a parrot guys!) just when your thinking about life or doing the washing. Every time an opposing thought comes into play change FOCUS and think about the new thought.

A more powerful time to repeat your new belief that you want to create is upon waking up and just as you go to sleep. I spoke about the different levels of consciousness in my previous post.

Now when we are waking and going to sleep this is the window between you and your subconscious mind. This is when you can communicate directly to your subconscious this is known as the ALPHA consciousness. If you are able to hold your new thought just before sleeping and upon waking it will be recognised by your subconscious quicker than during your waking hours. In the day you’re in BETA consciousness.

The chatterbox

One of the reasons here is and it’s a big one. Your conscious mind gets in the way I refer to this mind as our chatter box. Our chatterbox is quick to put arguments in our way in our waking state. Its much harder to argue with our mind as we drift to sleep or as we wake up.

A lot of people would find this difficult to do. As I’ve mentioned before these beliefs were not created over night and you have to be patient and it will take time. When you continue to persist in your new-found way of thinking it will become second nature and that’s what you want!

There are a lot more tools available to us which I will continue to discuss in my upcoming posts. Please remember that these are tools not magic tablets with overnight miracles (although when your new reality catches up with you it may feel like miracles).
















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