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Hi guys,

Carrying on from my previous post today we are going to talk about the impact of music.

We all know how music makes us feel. However not many us are aware of the unconscious affects it can have or how we can harness music to help re programme new beliefs that serve us as opposed to working against us.

Music can be empowering and make us feel good but many of us let this power lay dormant. Today I’m going to teach you how to harness this tool to its full potential.

I remember my first time learning about the magic of music. I’ve never looked at music the same again.


Music in main stream media is directly targeted at us the audience on an emotional and subconscious level. This is how music sells as with anything. Music is also powerful in that it allows programming the subconscious this is done in a very clever way so clever that we don’t recognise this when we listen to music.

Music is recorded in such a way to the human ear you are unable to hear certain undertones. We’ve heard of the “left brain right brain” for those who have not heard this theory ill explain a little.

The left brain is the logical brain (conscious) the right brain is the feeling brain (subconscious). As mentioned in previous posts the most direct path to programming the subconscious is when the conscious mind is NOT paying attention.

This then leads onto the way music is made for various reasons. If a particular message wants to be suggested to an audience the main recording of the piece would be clear to our ears. The lyrics and the beats. There will also be a second layer of recording which may consist of beats and words. We are unable to pick these up because of the decibel they are recorded the human ear is unable detect this.

However the “right brain” (subconscious) WILL hear everything. This is very common and a direct way of communication. Have you ever wondered why music can be repetitive? Or why certain songs can get “stuck” in our minds.

Music is designed to do this in some cases so that you remember the artist and the message and therefore “follow” their music and buy records.

Don’t run away use it

Right before everybody starts over thinking this and running away from music (which is what i did in the beginning). I will explain how we can use this to our advantage now that we are aware of how things work better we can harness this tool for our benefit.

Lyrics have an impact too especially if they are heard unconsciously and with feeling. That’s exactly how we tend to listen to music. Music that has a lot of repeating our subconscious mind likes as that’s how it learns.

Lyrics are words and words said with feelings that are repeated are VERY POWERFUL. Not to mention if you like the harmony that goes with it that make us want to tap our feet and dance. At this stage it gets personal. We all have that rhythm (can you tell I’m enthusiastic about dance and music ?) that beat that makes us want to dance in the kitchen whilst cooking dinner.

When we listen to music we programme

When we listen to music like this we are programming. However if we consciously listen to the music without wondering off to said imaginative realities (we are all guilty of this!). Instead wander off to the next belief that we want installed that serves us.

What ever that may be the next massive salary raise or that new car or losing weight. What ever it is that you want that is acceptable to your subconscious mind without argument. In a pervious post I have covered the importance of increments. Doing this in small steps so that your mind can believe it.

Listening to music and imagining you’re a millionaire whilst being broke in reality will not stick at this stage. But if you want to say double your salary? this is MORE believable. Your mind can accept this as a more plausible truth as opposed to a complete lie and chucking it out thus meaning your new belief HAS NOT been programmed.

The more you enjoy the music you listen to the higher the power. The more it makes you feel alive and good. Like when you hear that new tune and keep playing it for weeks on end. This is key guys (this is my favourite tool and yes it works!). This is a great time for you to be thinking about your next belief you want installed. Your subconscious mind will associate that feel good power and energy with your new goal. It will then go to work bringing this about in your reality.

Opposing thoughts

Again as mentioned on numerous occasions in previous posts. These tools alone will not change your future. You MUST be vigilant in not thinking opposing thoughts.

If you want to lose 3 stone do not use these tools 30% of the time. Then the other 70% think how overweight you are! If you REPEAT both with FEELING for a long period of time which belief do you think you will be creating?

Be aware of the reality your creating this means being aware of the words you are repeating in your mind on a daily basis. We do this unconsciously because we have formed negative habits.

Try thinking about it this way. If you spoke to your best friend the way you speak to yourself inside your head would they still be your best friend? Or if someone who you loved wanted to do something positive would you be a cheerleader for them or fill them with doubt?

So then why are we not cheerleaders for ourselves?

I will cover negative self talk and how we go about changing this in a future post!






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