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Hey everyone!

Continuing from my previous post today I’m going to talk about more tools to re programme our subconscious for success with feeling and emotions.


Feelings are another way to talk to our subconscious mind. It’s a feeling we want if you peel off the layers everything associates with the feel good chemicals. We never chase the product or the way we want things to play out in our lives for the sake of themselves, we do this as what we want is the feeling of security. Feeling safe, happy having fun.

I was once told this story. From what I recall it was said in a sales training room as a thought provoker. I can clearly see why they would use this in sales. Selling using emotion and feelings is the way consumerism works and without realising we tend to buy products to make us “feel” a certain way.  Major corporations already know these tools hence why they are used in marketing against us. But we are here to learn how to use them for our success and gains.

The question was asked in a training room of what people wanted, a young man answered “more than anything in the world I want a Ferrari” the trainer asked this young man “are you sure” the young man replied “yes what more could you want?” and the trainer replied “Now think of the world without anyone in it but you, how much do you still want the Ferrari?”

Thought provoking

I found this story very thought-provoking. It makes us realise without people who make us “feel” a certain way we would not chase the endless array of what life has to offer. Which then leads me to think if it’s a feeling that we are after we can create that feeling from right where we are.

Now coming back to us and how we utilise feelings to our advantage. When we have our goal in mind we must put feelings into this. So going back to imagination we need to feel we must wrap this thought up in good feelings.

When we have had an experience which was not to our liking. Or it was negative we automatically (our subconscious is the automatic) want to stay away from this event/experience. This is to not go through those feelings again. Because the subconscious remembered how you felt so it wants to keep you safe.

The same goes for something that feels amazing. Your subconscious will remember and automatically guide you towards it.



Ok now I know what everyone’s thinking “exercise zaira seriously?” stay with me guys there’s a method in the madness I promise!

Everyone’s heard of the “runners high” or any exercise related euphoric state? This is because we release dopamine and serotonin along with many other chemicals. These are known as the “happy hormones”. Our body adapts very quickly to stress put on the  body hence why when we start to exercise in a short time we can become very efficient. Our subconscious has remembered EVERYTHING this is further reinforced with a feeling state remember the importance of feelings above.

Just as the subconscious remembers any trauma we have been through. (this is why we are scared to try something again after being hurt) The subconscious also remembers the highs.

How this fits

How this fits in with programming a new belief is as follows, when we create that “high” from exercise we will use running as an example here.

We are running and we start feeling the dopamine release so we FEEL good really good. At this point what you want to do is switch your focus to the new belief you would like to programme. Try to aim  going deep in thought about your new belief which your trying to create.

Remember your subconscious can not tell the difference between real and imagined. So at this point your subconscious would associate this feeling amazing with the new belief your thinking about.

Your subconscious would remember feeling really good about your new belief that your creating. Therefore when you think about it in the future and you have those doubts fears start to creep in. As to why you are unable to create what ever it is that you’re trying to create. You will have an overpowering “good feeling” associated with that thought which will over ride your negative thinking. So that you can continue to move towards your goal!

Again please remember # tool no1 repetition like with all tools I have mentioned they do need repeat performance in order for it create lasting change.

More tools to come in my next post!






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