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Hey Everyone!

In this post we are going to discuss imagination. As mentioned in my previous post we are going to continue with tools for reprogramming the subconscious. If you guys have not read my previous post I urge you to do so. Tools for re programming as it covers the first tool to unlock your subconscious.


Our subconscious mind is a feeling and seeing mind. It is unable to tell the difference between real life and imagination. Your body will go through the same chemical changes whether or not something is real or in your imagination.

This is fantastic news for us. Now you may be thinking “well zaira I’ve imagined being a millionaire countless times but umm there is not a million pounds in my bank account!”. Ok I understand this fully, lets break it down further.

In my previous post I mentioned starting small something that your mind can accept freely.

Theres an age-old adage “you can lie to the world but you can not lie to yourself”. Your subconscious will just chuck it out. Trying to convince yourself that you’re a millionaire when your broke and you FEEL (feelings and the importance of them will be covered in a future post!) broke. That is not re-wiring your mind for success that’s delusional. (although delusion can be fun I really don’t want to advocate this behaviour).

Ideally I suggest you do this in increments. If you would like to be a millionaire you will be if you believe it so. However if you have NO doubts NO fears NO opposing arguments arising from this new belief. Go ahead and keep imagining and this will materialise in your future.

But like most of us who have bags and bags of old garbage beliefs. Beliefs that will not allow us to accept these new life affirming ones will have to work through some stuff.

Trust that you can

So if you say you are on a 25k salary a year. And you want to increase by a lot soon (guys I doubled my salary in one fell swoop with no additional qualifications. Trust me it can be done repeatedly). Then what you need to be thinking is what figure does your mind accept as truth?

Could you earn another 10k 20k or even 50k? (this will depend on your current mind-set) lots of people change jobs and increase their salaries why not you?

Once you have the figure or any other new belief you would like to create that your current mindset can get on board with. Start imagining you getting that new job where you’ve increased your salary by a significant amount.

Repeat this scenario in your mind often. (Upon waking and going to sleep ALPHA consciousness) make the imagery as real as possible. You know when you’ve planted this new belief in your mind. As when you come back to reality it will be a bit of a jolt as you drifted deep into reverie.

You can also use props, photos, images on your laptops as screen savers anything that reminds you of your new goal. This ties into repetition. Also note there will come a point where if somethings in front us all the time we “switch off” from this. What we are actually doing is going from BETA consciousness to ALPHA consciousness. This is where we want to be to impact our subconscious the most.


We seem to think just because on a conscious level we didn’t pay attention to something we did not take it in. This couldn’t be further from the truth we take everything in. The subconscious mind is ALWAYS paying attention. The subconscious mind will pick up anything in the background even if your conscious mind has switched off from it. This is a direct pathway to talk to your more powerful subconscious and get it to do your bidding.

Remember that this works on both ends of the scale. If you feed your unconscious mind negative it will respond in the same way as it has been doing all this time. We are going to change this gradually and we are going to become conscious about whats being taken in.

We all tend to drift off everyday to the depths of our imagination. Because we can create what we want and it feels good to be there. A lot of the time we will use our imagination to re-enact the worst case scenario to the detriment of our life.



This brings me to an extremely important point. Creating a new belief in and of it self is powerful. But if it’s over shadowed by repeated opposed thinking it simply won’t work. Please visit an older post where i cover some ground on how we create and sustain beliefs. You have to plant this new belief and nurture it exactly like you would if you were growing a plant. Hence some people call this method “planting seeds”.

Once you’ve planted the seed you have to water it for the plant to grow. And in this same way you have to “plant” your new seed (belief) and keep “watering” it by reinforcing your new belief in everyday life.

Another way to look at this is

Your subconscious is like the most powerful super computer ever made in the history of man kind and you walk around with this everyday.

Think of it as software being downloaded and then used. Software can be changed to perform better.

Just change the software.











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