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Hey everyone!

I’d like to question why a majority of the population think the worst. Why is it that we are unable to tune into thinking the best? Surely if you think about this rationally both have an even chance of taking place, the worst case scenario or the best case scenario.

What evidence have you got personally that your new desire will not materialise? Have you got the powers that none of us share the gift from the gods to see your future? When you do see it like you have a crystal ball its doom and gloom?

I thought this was the case, shooting ourselves in the foot don’t you think young ones. There are people out there that will say “I always get dealt the worst cards in life” and therefore it stands to reason that you think the worst.


What if your expectancy of the worst case scenario was the very reason it was not coming about? Please read a post on this for further explanation here.

Expectation of the worst brings “worse” right to your doorstep. When we give our minds a challenge whether it be a negative or a positive, our mind WILL bring this about. It does this by homing in on the key words your thinking and therefore bringing this in to your perception. For example, you want to lose weight but all you think about is how much weight you’ve gained. Your mind will tune into this as its your dominant thought and you will see all the foods that you must not eat seemingly pop out at you more.

All the things you would like out your attention seem to keep grabbing your attention. Why? We keep telling our mind’s that is what’s happening. You keep talking about and expecting weight gain. Maybe you expect not to lose the weight so your mind does what you tell it. It is a tool that you use in order to get what you want out of life. The mind does not have the capacity to dis obey you. Your mind will do as its told over and over because that’s how its programmed.


Programming? What’s programming you ask. This is simply the term used in which we give our minds an order and this order has to be completed the end result will be exactly what you’ve ordered (been expecting or complaining about that dreaded thinking the worst). Unless you change your mind about the order, then you will get a different delivery.

It really is as simple as this. However, to practice this technique and have our mind think of the best case scenarios can be challenging but once we’ve achieved this feat, thinking like this will become an automated way. No effort no sweat with ease.

Have you ever wanted to achieve massive success and not given it a second thought because you thought it was a pipe dream? Why? Why is it a pipe dream.


Dreams are only dreams if we don’t break them down and work towards them. Let’s start from said dream that apparently is unable to come true because >fill in blank< whatever reason you gave it without even challenging your own self sabotaging thought pattern.


The above formation can get much more detailed, into hours and days and building it from there. What do you want to achieve that you could build up a day at time and reach that destination?

We’ve been taught to work hard and get rewarded little. That we are unable or unworthy to create dreams. Who said that? We say that to ourselves each and every day. Every time the smallest of hurdle comes our way we seem to jump on the bandwagon and yell “we can’t do this” really? (if mums can raise screaming 15 month and 4 year olds then we can take over the world).

Ok so we have a hurdle then what? Does the world stop spinning, does our work day finish or did you gain another super power by where you have looked through the infinite number of possibilities to resolve the situation at hand and came up with nothing?? Highly unlikely.


Yet we behave EXACTLY like this. Go around the hurdle, jump over it, run through it at ultra-speed. Leave it alone for a few days and think of other things. Low behold the answer will be found. The way will be paved the goal will be reached. Just don’t give up!

As long as we can think we can achieve anything we want. Yes, it takes time so patience is something we must learn to have in our corner. (I need to master this golden rule, sometimes I get the “I want it now syndrome” then I have to remind myself of our best friend patience).

If right now you’re thinking you are unable to muster up the strength to live the life you want, or even see easier solutions to problems big or small. I then ask you to think of this “did someone else do it?”. I can guarantee someone somewhere out of the seven plus billion people living here not including our history where answers can come from the greats. Someone else has done it.

Regardless of if they are more intelligent had more hands on deck, none of this matters. Why? Before they were smarter with more hands on deck they started somewhere, they started with the same as we all have. Our minds.


The difference between you and them is simple. The way they chose or choose to operate their mind, if you look for a solution the solution will be found. Not think and underneath secretly feel that it won’t happened. If the underlying feeling does not match what comes out of your mouth, then you will be counteracting yourself and you will not find a solution.

Your mind is a tool yes, but it’s not stupid. You can’t lie to yourself or dupe yourself into false belief (delusion comes to mind). This is where you have to work on that mind set, you will see once your open to solution orientated thinking solutions will be more prominent in your perception on pretty much everything.

You are just training your mind to think the opposite way to what you normally think. Please don’t try to jump massively all of this change has to be progression orientated otherwise you’ll land yourself into not getting what you want. Then going back to belief’s such as “nothing good happens for you”.


Let’s give you a dialogue example:

You – “I can’t get the twenty thousand pound raise I want we are in a recession and I don’t have what it takes to make that salary jump in one go”

Me – “Has anyone ever made a twenty thousand pound salary jump? And are other people getting jobs even though we are in a recession?”

(observe that I’ve just challenged your belief system, which is what I’m asking you to do yourself on a daily basis if you’re thinking is more negative or pessimistic, once you challenge yourself enough you will get different answers, different answers mean different results)

You – “well yes, if I look into this properly I find there were individuals who have seemingly doubled if not tripled their salaries! Also there seem to be other people getting jobs out there, things are still being advertised online and in the papers even though there is a recession”

Me – “Do you think based on this new information you have found that you could too find another job, and possibly make a leap in salary”

You – “Well I can certainly look into this further, I feel more confident and feel I could progress in getting twenty thousand pound more in my salary, if others have achieved it there must be ways to do this”


Although the example above is very simplistic, our inner talk may not be swayed this easily after all its had years of practice in thinking the worst.

This where I’ve spoken about increments or smaller progression, if you deeper held beliefs will not allow you to jump to a twenty thousand salary increase, try five. Just start smaller but do make the start. As you climb this ladder you will notice yourself making progress and this will give a more solid foundation to start installing a new belief.

When we look for the obstacles we will find them, when we look for the solutions we will find them. The reason we think it’s easier to find obstacles than solutions is because we’ve been taught to believe things have to come the hard way if they come at all. Also we are programmed to favour more negative things happening than positive.

We do get congratulated on how hard we slug away, yet if someone does the same achievements with much less effort. Then all of a sudden that person was, wait for it. . .. “lucky”. Or deep down you start resenting that person and feel you wish you had life that easy. Again the only difference is, they are open to solution’s.


Talking of solution’s, we get really caught up in the way our desire has to unfold. Have you ever got something and it unfolded image to image in line with your imagination? If you have that’s absolutely AWESOME and you’ve figured life. If, however you’re like the majority and have not been able to achieve this feat. Why do you behave like this is exactly how it has to be? Or else it won’t happen? Why does it have to come through that one way? Your desire is a means to an end, the way that end takes place is neither here nor there. All you need to concern yourself with is the ending taking place.

Take a little time guys and challenge your own self-limiting thoughts. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Yes, it’s that old cliché, but literally put your mind to it the solution NOT the problem.

 Please share this post if it resonates with you, I hope it’s the just ticket you need right now to give you that boost!

Until next time

Love Z xxxx

















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