Inspiration called to put this page up to help me run my website. It always feels good to support a cause that has helped or touched you in some way.

Contributing to the people that have added to your personal growth journey is one of the best ways I know to create abundance and prosperity in life.

I want to be open and honest with laying all my cards on the table. I am not running a non-profit organisation hence why I’ve chosen this page to be called “support my work”. Your support helps me to fund this website and keep it going.

For those of you that give, you get to spend your money in a way that feels really good. For you it activates all sorts of vibrations, and higher energy levels that feel amazing. This is just the feeling associated with giving from your heart. When you do this the doors open for you too.

So if you feel my work has been of benefit to you in any way, and you would like to support my personal growth journey that in turn is helping countless others go for it with love.


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