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Hey everyone!

We will continue with the topic of frequencies

Carrying on from my previous post  I delved into the area of energy. Not power supply energy. The energy that humans are made of, if you have not read my previous post please do so to get a more complete understanding of this post.

So I left the previous post on a note about how humans at their core are fast-moving energy. How the universe around us and everything which seems solid to the human eye is also fast-moving vibrating energy. This has been shown to us in quantum physics where by human tissue has been looked at under a very powerful microscopic lens. They discovered tiny fast-moving particles vibrating at different speeds.

We discovered that thoughts are also moving energy at different frequencies. (Frequency is the speed at which something travels i.e. slower or faster). Also the saying “like attracts like” in terms of energy this means. Positive energies will attract like energies and negative energies will attract like energies.

So this is starting to shed light on how our thoughts literally create the reality around us. Before I go further into my findings and explanations id like to share some research.

Meet Dr Bruce Lipton PhD

Going back quite some years ago I came across a book written by Dr Bruce Lipton, the biology of belief. This book was mind-blowing bearing in mind Dr Bruce Lipton is a biology and human cell and DNA specialist.

Dr Lipton talks about the human body and his findings were amazing. He was looking at human cells when something simple took his thoughts away from the normal cell and DNA testing methods. He had divided these tiny human cells under a microscope into three separate petri dishes. Here he found that all the cells took on different forms. One created muscle whilst the others created some other part of the human form. What was effecting the same cells (at core moving vibrating particles of energy moving at different frequencies) to behave as if they were different things. In their psychical form they were one and the same!

The answer was profound. It was the environment they were in i.e. the surroundings and our thoughts. For further reading please refer to Dr Bruce Lipton’s work. He is one amongst many others that confirms this to date.

Time lapse

Coming back to us and how we create the physical form from our thoughts. The interaction on quantum level (smallest particle of any entity). These formations of what we can see in our lives are based on prolonged thinking. The energies from our long-term thinking will join other like energies. When there’s enough momentum gathered i.e. when there’s enough quanta (particles of energy) clustered together. This will then take a physical form in our lives.

There is however a time-lapse. (Thank god, imagine all the times you wished someone who didn’t behave in a more appropriate manner towards you, would just jump off a cliff!). We say things in anger I get that. These laws of the universe are there to serve us, so there is the time-lapse which allows us to reflect on our wishing and perhaps even remould what we want. I’ve mentioned “laws of the universe” I will cover these in a different post for you to get a better understanding.

We don’t always want what we say we want

This time-lapse means that we don’t get our deepest desires instantaneously. The reason for this is we don’t always want what we say we want. This may seem odd but have you ever wished for something, then at a later date you were glad that it didn’t work out that way? We are unable to see our future, things unfold for our highest good. Most of the time that we desire things and the way we desire things are not always the best way for us. We will get what we want but it will be in ways unexpected and the final outcome will match the essence of what we want or it will be better than we dreamed of.

The time-lapse allows us to change our mind. We have free will and this can not be broken. However we are given this time to go for better and bigger things in life. Alternatively this works giving us time to get out of a bad situation or thought train. Our chatter box seems to carry on forever, a lot of the time rife with negative thinking of some sort. Now we wouldn’t want all of these thoughts coming to life instantly that would be chaos!!


In my previous post, I mentioned other electric signals interfering with our own to slow down our reality or manifestation catching up with us. These electrical signals include, TV/radio/mobile phones and an array of current technology that we use. This is not harmful to us if we know the tools to get above the more dense low-level frequencies.

What I mean by “low-level” and “dense” is the slower a frequency is the longer it takes for us to create our reality. In my previous post I explained that the particles that the human body is made up of and our thoughts, travel at certain speeds the quicker the speed the quicker we get our said reality in the psychical. Effectively what we are trying to achieve is for these particles to vibrate at faster frequencies. They then join other “like” particles quicker forming your thought from the unseen into reality.

Thoughts and feelings have been measured. A fantastic book called E – Squared by Pam Grout gives you great insight on this and also gives you home experiments you can try yourself!

How do they travel faster? Below I’ve given you the feelings that travel slower and faster.


The feeling spectrum

Lower frequencies = fear, anger, hate, envy, jealousy, resentment, self-pity, insecurity, control, guilt, sadness. And any other low feeling thoughts you can think of.

Higher frequencies = love, joy, faith, trust, confidence, happiness, high self-esteem, gratitude, joy, ecstasy. And again any other higher feeling thought you can think of.

The lower the thought the slower it is in creating our reality around us. Example

You lose your job, you start wanting a job desperate you won’t be able to pay your bills and rent or mortgage. This “desperation” is fear based therefore prolonging the said want coming into your reality. Based on this thinking we end up building more fear which keeps us further than our actual desire. That desire being a better job with much better pay. But we end up taking a job that just covered us at the time. This then giving you evidence that life is difficult and you never get what you want. We never go back to the original source and that source was your way of thinking. Your perception.

If you did the same process but from a place of faith and trust deep in your heart you have to believe it. You would allow these particles to travel at higher speeds and creating your wanted job quicker and it would be better than you expected. If you carry on with this way of thinking and believing, the next job or idea would lead you to what you really want. It would be in that direction. Because everything is always for our highest good. We don’t always see this but that’s where trust plays a HUGE part in this game of life.

Until next time.

Love Z

P.s If you don’t believe or resonate, its ok these practices take time. But for me its very real and its happening all around us. Ive seen the proof over and over in my own life and others.








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