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Stepping out of the grand illusion. The grand illusion is being made to think that we will never succeed. However, this is complete and utter rubbish. We live in a society where academia is taught as the only way we can rise above the masses and achieve great success.


What if this is not the only way? What if everything we were taught on how to create a life has been a lie? I’ve written extensively on the fabrics of the universe and how we are tiny moving particles through time and space for those of you not familiar with this work please read here.


If everything in the universe is malleable then why do we have to conform to the rules set by our predecessors? Surely this would mean if all things can be changed and these changes are a sub total of our thoughts and energy. Could we not change the rules and play a different game?


Stepping out of the grand illusion can be done and we will talk about how. First I’d like to break down exactly how we create our reality then talk about how we can do this.




As mentioned earlier our universe is made up of tiny little particles that are bouncing around at extremely high speeds. For the science and further reading please read my post can energy make us limitless.


It has been identified that when matter (matter is anything and everything that’s solid or otherwise you, your furniture and the world around you) is looked at through a high-powered microscope. Your talking down to billions of tiny microscopic pieces. These pieces otherwise known as atoms or sub atomic particles are vibrating and moving around at different speeds. These atoms are also known as energy or your overall vibration.


If this energy is moving at high rates of speed (we are unable to see this with our naked eye). This would mean that everything in the universe if observed under a microscopic lens is a sea of moving energy. Max plank the founder of quantum physics and none other than the great albert Einstein were the founders of this life altering information.



After several experiments and much observation. It was found that the tiny moving particles that seemed solid to us with a naked eye changed. These changes were apparent with each individual observer. It was found the particles changed in line with what the observer thought. These tiny particles were in fact were influenced by consciousness. Each physicist that examined the particles would get their version of what they expected to see. This was called an interference pattern. The interference was coming directly from our thoughts.


So, if thoughts can influence and change matter then it stands to reason to say that we can directly create the world around us with our thoughts?




Now say you come to believe the above hypothesis, after all max plank and albert Einstein are people. People can be wrong and so can I.


It has been known that us creating our world around us is bound by universal laws. You can read about the 12 universal laws to get an in-depth idea on the subject. One of the laws the law of attraction was popularised by the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This law states that thoughts create reality and that like thoughts attract other like thoughts.


Thoughts of good nature attract others of good nature drawing that reality towards us. Thinking thoughts of bad nature attracts bad thoughts therefore drawing this reality towards us. Thoughts are also an energy of moving particles and that’s how we make the world around us.




Humans are like magnets and attract these particles through the force of our thoughts. All the particles of the universe including our thoughts vibrate at different frequencies. In order for us to attract the thoughts that we want or even don’t want we have to match the frequencies. We never stop attracting we just change what we are attracting. However most of us are conditioned to think the worst. We are conditioned to think we can never be or do what we desire without some sort of sacrifice. Due to this limited thinking and belief systems we create lack around us.


A good movie to watch is inception with Leonardo DiCaprio. This can give you an idea of how much we can bend reality to our liking. I felt this was a good depiction of what is possible. However in the movie their reality bends around them literally in front of their eyes. Whereas what we think has a sort of buffering period. It literally is stepping out of the grand illusion but with a time delay.




Having a thought pop up in our minds and it manifesting itself for us then and there would give all of us the evidence we need, right? What if you get really angry and wish someone hurt? What about those times where you’ve cursed but regretted it later what if all this were to take place instantly? It would be like Piccadilly circus on steroids with a million Mary Poppins running around or going to prison. Now that’s crazy and the universe we live in is smarter than that.




There is a time delay on our thoughts manifesting themselves. We don’t want or mean everything we think about. You know those fantasies that we all think about. Imagine that! Your fantasising about that gorgeous star with that amazing body he or she suddenly pops up out of thin air, then your better half walks in? Uh oh you’re in trouble. Sometimes fantasies are best left as just that.


In order for us to create with our thoughts we have to mean them from the depth of our inner selves. Not the superficial exterior that the world sees on Facebook and Instagram. The real you that gets sad and lonely and frustrated with life sometimes. The one that wishes things could be different the one that cares about loved ones and wants to make a difference in their lives and your own.


Not only do we have to mean these thoughts they have to be re occurring thoughts held for a prolonged period of time. This is the time delay, when we focus on what we want but keep refining it this will naturally take a bit longer. We also have to be sure it’s what we want. Often times they are just fleeting thoughts and it is not what we truly want.




I admit there has been a lot of confusion on the subject of the law of attraction. People have come to read the secret yet so many layers and explanations are missing. I will try and cover as much as I’ve learnt and seen on the subject which is quite extensive. However, if your completely new to this concept a great website to visit is life made to order. Kelli cooper the author of this site gives you fantastic in depth information and completely breaks things down into granular detail.


Not only do thoughts attract, thoughts of themselves are not enough of a magnet to attract our realities. With thought comes feelings. You can consciously think something all day, but if you don’t believe with faith and feeling the thing you’re thinking it will not gain enough momentum to match the like frequencies.




Feelings are your telling signs. If you consciously think you want more money but don’t feel good about the subject of money than your feelings will attract lack of money. We have so many things we want consciously but we don’t believe with feeling that these things are attainable. If we thought these things would come to us, then we wouldn’t be stressing about it in the first place.


This does not mean lying to yourself and becoming delusional. This means going deeper inside yourself and questioning why you feel the way you do about said subject. In this example, I’m using money everybody can relate to wanting more money and that’s OK. If you have deep rooted issues about money you don’t need to sieve through all your feelings and find out which ones are blocking you.


You just need to question your own belief system around the subject and start taking on board subtle arguments to the contrary. If you want more money, why do you think you are unable to get it? Question your inner arguments and tell yourself that the next step is all you need to take. The truth is that’s all it does take to start a forward momentum. You will then start seeing the evidence to support your new thinking.





If you are doing something because you feel someone else will be happy to see it then this is not going to work. If you want more money or anything for that matter out of desperation and need, then it will evade you. This frequency/vibration that your offering is based on fear. If you want something good to happen, you have to feel good about the subject in order for it to enter your life. Good things will not arise from bad feelings and a lack of trust.


As we discussed earlier thoughts are alive they are tiny energetic particles that are the same as the fabric of the universe. Start seeing these tiny particles as groups that huddle together. The good feelings and thoughts huddle together and so do the bad. Once they gain enough power and momentum you will pull the groups towards you.


If what you want does not have a lot of negative opposing beliefs attached to it. What you want will be easier to pull into your life. At this point you won’t be trying climb out of denser energy. Denser energy is the more negative thoughts that are deep rooted and harder to change.




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