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Hey everyone!

Continuing from my previous post we are going to discuss self talk and ways to alleviate the not so great negative self talk from our lives.

I touched on the subject previously as to how we develop the negative self-defeating beliefs over the years. This can be done through a number of ways media, family, friends, TV programmes, music.

We are influenced in all different types of ways every single day. Not realising that when we walk around not paying attention we are simply switched off creating negative self talk that is detrimental to our success and goals in life. This can be because of how busy our day-to-day lives are. We do this thinking that we are not taking things in but in fact we are taking everything in.

TV is a big one, straight after a long hard day at work when all we want is to unwind we do so in front of the TV. We all know this habit all too well we eat dinner and just become exhausted and don’t want to move from the sofa. We could be there several hours. When we watch TV ever noticed that we are in a trance like state? someone could call you or the phone goes and you “snap” out of your zone. That zone is you in the alpha state we discussed these states in a previous post.

As we now know the subconscious is in its prime state (alpha) to implant new beliefs or more accurately to suggest new beliefs and the subconscious listens and hears this via a direct path. Think about the programmes you are installing into your subconscious when your watching your favourite TV shows. What sort of shows do you watch? Violence, horror, murder mysteries? what about TV soaps? A lot of soaps are based around over dramatic scenes. Couples arguing, cheating on each other, bankruptcy, family unable to pay bills, struggling, major medical illness.

If you look at all those things what feelings do you think they evoke? we’ve spoken about the subconscious understanding things in feelings and emotions. The feelings we have the more powerful they are the more you are strongly planting a new belief into your subconscious therefore creating your experiences which in turn create your reality around you. The things I’ve listed above would plant FEAR. You maybe thinking that you don’t take these TV shows to heart but I’m here to tell you the subconscious DOES. Further more we have TV running in the background when we are doing things around the house etc!

Your subconscious will act on these feelings it doesn’t matter what your feeding your subconscious its a neutral force. Feed it negative data it will give you negative results. Feed it positive data it will give you positive results. 


When I personally taught myself and applied these methods my results were shocking and very real. For years I struggled with fear based thinking and id watch over my shoulder when I walked places on my own. I simply would not take the next step in life and what I used to think of myself was appaling. This is no longer the case I’m confident and have very powerful thoughts surrounding myself and my life.


My personal changes were drastic, so the results were in rapid succession. I don’t expect for everyone to follow the same path as me but these changes can be made in increments. Personally I cut out TV all together. Changed my music and monitored what I was taking in until it became second nature. I had post it notes surrounding me with the positive suggestions and phrases I wanted my subconscious to take in. Further more I went to bed and woke up listening to audio programming and watching material that is designed to implant successful beliefs and to create habits that went on to create the reality that I wanted. Now my self talk is always my cheerleader ?.

I look back and think who was I trying to keep happy or impress? Did i really want the life i was living? No I did not. Society wanted the life I was living. A society shaped by outside influences that we call our own belief systems.

News, newspapers and magazines are another big one. Do you find yourself reading articles about the headlining horror stories from around the world? How does this effect you? I understand us as humans have sympathy and empathy and I’m not negating this behaviour. However when we repeat the stories and take them in day after day with feeling we are in fact planting seeds in our subconscious. As the saying goes “like attracts like” fear begets fear.


When you start consciously being aware of how things make you feel how will you do things differently? Will you still tune into things that make you feel scared and doubt your dreams. This brings me to another important subject. FOCUS which I’m going to discuss in my next post. I will break down focus in a different way to what we are normally taught. We are not taught what focus can do for us, really do for us. Simple but powerful I can assure you.

Until next time

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