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Hey everyone!

Self doubt! Yes that horrible feeling we all get when we want to try something new. I thought I’d keep this one short and to the point with an infographic. These tend to stick out in our minds more due to the illustrations. For a deeper  and more lengthy post please read here.

The facts below are not new, these words of wisdom have been around for years. At any given time its not necessary that we will take the information in. However that one day we do. We all self doubt its in our nature. Self doubt does not mean failure period, it means lets look at this from a different perspective. On a good day you may resonate with the words below and on a bad day you may not.

Only because on one particular day something did not resonate thats not to say it never will. There are far too many people willing to give up on anything worth pursuing for a number of reasons. Do not let one of those reasons be fear of failure. Failure is a choice and the way to the destination not the destination itself. Next time you doubt yourself for wanting to achieve something which you deem bigger than yourself remember it all starts with small steps.

self doubt

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