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Hey everyone,

I mentioned in an earlier post about the law of rhythm. I also mentioned this being my favorite. Hopefully you guys can gain some insight into life when it gets tough with this one law alone.

This law has helped me overtime without fail and I see it everywhere. Rhythm is exactly that rhythm. It’s in everything around us, patterns, seasons, music, ups and downs. The planetary system has rhythms even computers have to follow rhythms.

So we understand that these patterns are there. Do we understand that these patterns are directly linked to us our behavior’s and what we achieve in life? No I never used to either, great! keeping reading. ?

Like the law of gravity. They just are they can be found and traced back to something called the kybalion. Although this was first published in 1902 these teachings can be found as far back as time began. Wikipedia will tell us that these teachings and laws are “new” and founded in something called the “new thought movement”. After much research and evidence I can assure you that this is not the case. What is fascinating to me is that it all makes perfect sense. Then comes the part where I witness these laws playing out in our lives. This particular law helped me realise that because of its virtue and what it does my darker days and yours are bearable. Because good times are just around the corner.

How does this effect your life and your reality? when we are stuck in a rut and feel like there’s no way out. And life seems to continue throwing one thing after another at us. Rest assured this will NEVER stay the case. When you have down times it must be followed by good times. This understanding will help you wherever you are no matter how tough how dark it is. Just know that there is beyond your current circumstances and situation.

Has there been a situation in your life that you’ve stayed stuck in and never got out of?  At the time when we are going through it, this may feel like we will never see an end to it but it has to follow a rhythm. Going in a downward motion and continuing in that direction with no way out is not a rhythm it’s a direct path to hell. So what goes down must come up. We’ve all heard of the saying “the harder you fall the stronger you rise” can you see the rhythm in this? It always plays out in a pattern.

We’ve all been there, its how we face it

We’ve all been there. Our minds can be our worst enemies and even in this there is a pattern. We are in a constant dance of ups and downs but what we want is more ups? (I hope you want more ups otherwise there’s something wrong, we should talk). How we use this law to our advantage is by balance. What I mean here is when we are having tough times we need to get a hold of our thinking and remind ourselves that this is only temporary. Only when we start rising above the harder times will they become less. I can appreciate in some cases this will be a tough call to make but it’s not impossible.

We are all capable of this feat. Once we achieve it, you will realize and quickly that the down time seems to just disappear as quickly as they came. You also get a lot less of them. I’m not saying that shit doesn’t happened the reason why it will always be there is because it helps us to grow. However, our perception and the way we look at negatives will change for the better thus making the next lot easier and quicker to deal with.

Rhythm through life swings like a pendulum

When we are experiencing highs and lows, most people are unable to see past the low. They will start cursing “why does this happened to me”. At this point the law of attraction will kick in and serve you up more of those negative feelings swirling around inside you. Often times we forget to reflect on why something happens and we won’t see the lesson in it. Yes, there are times the lesson is not clear. Ever looked back at something you wanted a certain way and then were thankful it didn’t happen that way? At the time you were really annoyed?

This law states that the rhythm is like a pendulum swinging back and forth. You will get a swing to the negative side and then the positive. The negative can be surpassed by learning the lesson and accepting what is. No matter where you are in life someone, somewhere is getting a far worse deal than you. Based on this we must keep things in perspective. Just by being aware of these principles you bring yourself to higher levels of success.

Feeling dragged back. . .

When you feel the shift and feel dragged back in life by this universal energy don’t despair the more you stress the longer it seems to take. Instead stay strong with a deep understanding and knowing that this will reverse and the rising up from a bad situation will start. You have the control in how quick this can be done. If you get bogged down with how “awful” something is and so it remains longer than necessary in your life. Again the expressions we use are based on our perception, and as we know perceptions are the way we look at things and that is our thoughts.

Thoughts can be changed in any moment. One person could look at a seemingly negative situation with a very positive perspective does that mean the situation differed or your view and feelings changed? And this further shows the external has no bearing on your mind and life as much as your own thinking does. We can change an external circumstance with the way we perceive it to be in a flash. Its this changing that allows us to grow far beyond low feelings and bad times.

Coincidence or synchronicity?

Recognising this will be a single most important point in your life. You just won’t view problems the same, you will find solutions quickly easily. Things won’t hold the detriment anymore, and you will speak and take action from a place off feeling good. This is a very magical place to be in this leads me to my next post where we manage to get to this state of affairs and synchronicity starts taking place or is it coincidence? The universe just starts making things easier and easier, success comes quicker and quicker with anything you put your hand to. I can assure you it works this way because I live through the magic and its very real.

Until next time guys!

Love Z xx





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