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Hey everyone,


The term realist gets thrown around quite a lot, this is limited thinking at its best (my opinion guys if you don’t agree that’s fine!). This seems to be said when people are in a pessimistic mood or are just glass half empty people.


A person who accepts a situation as it is and is prepared to deal with it accordingly.


Above is the definition within the English language for the term realist. You have to ask yourself, are you willing to accept your situation the way it is and use the term “I’m just being a realist” so that you can use this as an excuse for your own limited thinking?


Just being a realist, is agreeing to the pitfalls in life and saying “well there’s nothing I can do about this” is that now or never? Never is not available you can never say never (I don’t mind Bieber but I seriously was not quoting his song here!).


Only because something is there right now in front of us, does not mean that it can never change and you have to accept this as your life. If you know you’re using “just being a realist” as an excuse because your scared of change or failing. Let me enlighten you so are the rest of us! However, we walk through the fear and work that goes with not accepting a situation for what it is.


Things can change and for the highest good. To think other wise is beyond foolish.


There are times where just being a realist is necessary (if you have a friend that’s a bit coocoo and sees things that aren’t there, then you need to be real or not, you could just join in). On a serious note if you have £100 left in your bank account and its 2 weeks into the month.


This is a very real situation I get that. Does it always have to be like this? You can take small steps so small that you could call them half a step that would lead you out of that situation or you can say month after month I’m just being a realist.




If you break down the word its real – ist. Real meaning tangible in front of us that we see with our naked eye. Because it’s there and that’s “reality” this must be fact and non-negotiable. The situation which we are being real about is our lot in life and we just have to deal with it, or do we?


We can make the unseen seen and the future we want real and tangible. First you have to step away from being a realist and being a believer. You have to want more. You have to strive and desire then know that if you just take one step forward the universe takes one step towards you.




Your current reality has been formed by a series of steps taken by you and drawn to you from the universe by your current mind set. This mind set can change to bring about different results. Never ever limit your future by your current circumstances. Incredible changes can take place if you out your mind to it.


Look around you what do you see? Then think of the future you, you want to be. From where your stood what could you do to attain that which you desire?


Does it seem like too long and much hard work? Will you be here in 5 years’ time saying I’m just being a realist? What about 10 years from now and you never took that first step in changing your life. What will it be like for you in 10 years’ time, If the limited thinking carries on and you think change can’t take place.




You often hear phrases like “this year’s flown by!” or “time goes faster as we get older”. If life is going at that speed, then it stands to reason that baby steps towards your goals and dreams will transpire into your surrounding reality in the blink of eye?


Small steps that don’t seem like much at all taken over a number of years will end in huge results. This is called compounding. Those of you familiar with stock markets, may have heard this term. When we invest money and the interest earns interest this is called compounding.




Ok so Joe here has brought a fancy new foreman’s grill that he is using to make lots of new succulent dishes every night. He loves it and uses it a few times a week invites friends around and has dinner parties.


Joe’s friend ted decides that he wants to cut back on calories but only a little so he decides from his 2500 per day calorie limit he will go down to 2400. No big deal he can manage that with his eyes closed. 100 calories are not hard to cut back on a day.


Meanwhile joe is adding 100 calories to his daily routine making his daily total 2600 per day. Again, it’s not a big deal it’s only 100 calories a day it’s really not that much.



Let’s do the maths over a 36-month period.


Joe at 2600 calories per day over the next 36 months ends up gaining 31.2 pounds that’s 2 stones 3 pounds.


Ted on 2400 in the next 36 months ends up losing 31.2 pounds so he is now 2 stone 3 pounds lighter.


All this began with 100 calories per day! That’s the equivalent to a bite of a mars bar!


Whether the goal is to get rich or lose weight, or whatever for you personally, compounding works the same.


I highly recommend reading Darren hardy “the compound effect”. This out line’s the rules of compounding in much more detail.




We are very much stuck in world of instant gratification. We want instant overnight results and everything handed to us on golden platter.


Tell me how is that been going for you lately, is the wishing still carrying on. Do you still want that million in your bank? Are you still blaming the world for your life and the non-action your taking?



I’m just being a realist!!! It’s a dying excuse. This is not a rant this is simple but life transforming truth. Those insignificant steps towards your goals hopes and dreams that seem like a drop in the ocean will one day create a flowing river for you.


They key is you need to get going. Stop making the excuse and looking around wishing your life to be different and hoping for the next win on the lottery. Make your own winning success story.


I can say from experience once you make the decision to start building your dreams everything you need from right where you are will start flowing towards you. For those of you interested in knowing where that flow comes from read my post on synchronicity which explains things in depth.




Telling yourself that you need to get motivated to lose 30 pounds or triple your income can seem daunting to the point of you never taking the first step.


Walking around a block say for 3 minutes or reading a page of a book on money management which takes 5 minutes is more than do able. The key is to be consistent which then builds up over time. Before you know it, you will be reading many books and walking miles.


I’m just being a realist, that’s an excuse I’m tired of hearing. The reality of any given situation is your perception of that situation.


If you perceive the world with greatness in it, that’s what you’ll find. If you perceive a world with great hardship in it, again that is what you will find.


Life is a series of small steps taken to make the bigger picture. Do yourself a favour don’t write your future story with yesterday’s history. History cannot change but your future can be re written a million times just because you choose to think differently.


Over to you guys, what do you think? Anything you want to change in your life but feel stuck? If you like please subscribe to receive my weekly posts. You can like and share or follow me on Twitter and Facebook.



Until next time


All my love Z xxx











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