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Hey everyone!

Re programming the subconscious to have a new belief system. One that drives you towards success may not be as hard as you think. We will delve into layers of consciousness and what this means for you as an individual.

However it does take time how long it takes is down to the effort you put in. If you have years worth  of thinking “you’re not good enough” please don’t expect over night changes.

A belief is not created over night. A belief is a thought held on to for a long period of time which has been allowed to become very real for you. What we are going to do is start holding on to beliefs that serve you. And will help you to achieve greater heights than you’ve ever deemed possible.

From my own experience when the changes occurred they were sudden. When I least expected them and in rapid succession as I’ve mentioned in before posts the conscious and subconscious. The mind or more specifically the subconscious is extremely powerful.

To really understand how the tools I present to you could help you. Id like to give a you better understanding of different types of consciousness and how they affect us. (Also how they help us retain information making us think differently, smarter, quicker etc).

Beta consciousness

Beta state is our everyday waking state. We take in new information everyday but it’s not always at the forefront of our minds when we need it. This will be stored and handed over to the back of the mind (subconscious) for example. Suddenly we will remember our new colleagues name in the office. But when we said “hi” to them earlier we could not recall it in that moment.

This is the state where our chatter box doesn’t seem to quiet down with ease. So some of us need a hard-earned drink or want to generally “switch off” at the end of a day.

This is also our action state. This is the state I’m using to write on my laptop. Or the state you would be in to do a presentation to an audience or sell something to a potential client.


Alpha consciousness

This is the state that most would refer to as being in meditation or hypnosis. We are actually in this state several times throughout the course of the day. If you’re a driver this can be known as “highway hypnosis”. Ever driven to a friends and suddenly realised you were pulling into their driveway but don’t recall getting there?

Another time would be when we watch TV and we are “zoned out” to a TV programme. Or at least we think we are when actually we are programming our subconscious without knowing it! But that’s a whole other post!


Theta consciousness

This state is referred to as the “superhuman state”. This is the state in which we are in our deepest sleep, or for high level monks or even really practiced mediators. They are in deep hypnosis state and meditation. The feats that can occur here is when people walk bare foot across hot coals and fire without getting burnt.


Delta consciousness

This state is the comatose state. In recent years it has come to light that patients have remembered what was going on around them at various different times of being in a coma. So we know that even at this level there can be awareness. This state is also the dreamless state and is connected with deep healing and regeneration within our body.

Trying to consciously change a thinking pattern to your advantage is something we all struggle with. There are countless examples of this happening everyday.

We try hard to stick with new years resolutions, or losing weight, quitting smoking. But somewhere down the line we lose our way and slip into old habits. This we try to achieve through “will power”  will power is at the conscious level we need to make the changes at a subconscious level. And the way we can talk to our subconscious and get its attention is by re using the following tools that I will go into detail about on my next post.


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