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What a massive topic! Money, we all want more of this good stuff. I’m not about to write some get rich quick scheme and I’m far from a money expert. However, I have read and taken action on amazing books over the years. I’m going to put them all in one place and share the best practice that I have found works in building that pretty little bank account.


Someone once said that if you’re not an expert on the subject you should not write about it. I do agree with this after all I personally would want an expert in the field to write content that I would read. However, what if you had followed the experts in your own life and it made a significant difference that would still be success on the subject right?


Success is not always measured by having millions or billions in your bank. Could success be measured by increased wealth in general? What if you tripled your income or just started seeing more money come in and less expenditure? This would overall help your financial picture so would you want to hear about this? We could chant all day long we all want more but without the action and knowledge the money doesn’t grow.




Wanting more is OK in fact it’s awesome. Desire is within us it’s what we are designed to do. We all want more a better grander life but at what cost? Serious debt and constant worry? You want the bigger house to fit more things in, you want the expensive car so you feel and look great on the road. You want more holidays so that you can have a break. Have a break from what? The stresses of life and not having to work so hard so you can pay all the debt off then have down time. It doesn’t seem to play out like this because we are always stuck in a cycle of we all want more and debt comes with this ongoing.


Let’s talk about financing things first. Notice how banks love to offer longer terms with minimum repayments to the onlooker it seems a great idea. We get what we want for next to nothing a month and we get to spread it over 3 years 5 years 10 years depending on the value. Whilst this is great for those that need something straight away but are unable to afford it as yet, it also means paying way above the odds. The interest company’s make is astronomical at the expense of our needs. There’s always a way around not having to buy it brand new. If not get things with the shortest term and pay it off quicker than that term allows always.




Must we have the latest iPhone or android? Do we have to buy new trainers every week? Lady’s handbag’s ok calm down! ? Let’s not forget the shoe’s! All of these items are reusable and can last if we choose this. If we could curb our expenditure then put this money to one side for say a few months what do you think your personal results would be? Remember this little gem “money makes money”.


This doesn’t mean you have to be filthy rich, or even need £20,000 to set up a business. Even as little as £50 per month compounded over time can make a huge difference. The key is not to look for overnight millions but to aim for steady growth over time. I would not like to give personal advice on where your money can best grow but a few books I would heavily recommend if you would like to become financially savvy are.



I’ve added their website so you can gather as much free information you can. They offer a lot of tips and content that would get you started.




We are well aware that most of us will end up buying property at some point in our lives. So, this debt is a given but does it need to be carried out for the duration of 25 to 30 years? Do we absolutely need to pay all of that extra interest? The answer is NO. There is a clause in most mortgage contracts that states that if you pay your mortgage off early you will end up paying an “early repayment charge” otherwise known as an (ERC). Due to not wanting to pay a lump sum which can seem scary we don’t make additional payments.


If you look at your term and do the calculations of interest payed you will see this far outweighs your ERC. In the long run, you will always pay more when you take out finance for a longer term on minimum payments.


If you can avoid it all together do that first. If not pay more than your monthly amount as much as you can. There are people out there paying off mortgages within 5 to 7 years with these ideas and knowledge.




It feels really good to treat yourself, you work after all and a percentage of your earnings should most definitely go on treating yourself. (The problem occurs when the percentage increases or turns into debt). This behaviour activates something called the “reward centre” this will light up the neural pathways that release the hormone dopamine. This hormone is a natural stimulant for feelings of pleasure and feeling good.


This release will make you feel motivated to keep doing whatever behaviour caused the release in the first place. This is how we can become addicted. Drugs produce the same dopamine release into our systems this is why they are so addictive. Drugs are not the only thing that can open up our reward pathways so can other things.


  • Spending
  • Food/Drink
  • Sex
  • Being a parent


All of this triggers dopamine release, as mentioned before this hormone is there so that we can feel great. The problem is when we want more all the time. This wanting more can wreak havoc on our finances, we only feel momentary gratification for items that we purchase or finance but we foot the bill far longer. Is it really worth it?




The big companies out there know how to market their products billions upon billions are spent on marketing because it works. We buy the latest products out there but how are we aware of these products in the first place?


Advertising is directed at us emotionally and mentally. We are buying things out of triggers, we are made to think we need it. This technique is used by massive companies that know how to make money and that’s the sole purpose.


Selling products that make you a millionaire over night with the “30 day to success plan” or “lose 100 pounds in a month” and you will be thin lean in weeks. Those are the obvious one, the subtle ones are even more dangerous. Won’t that amazing cup of coffee on an advert give you the super power boost that your mind needs to get through a work day with ease? It’s the new latest brand and the best coffee yet. This is just to get us to buy the product targeting our emotions and desires.


Consumerism is on a mass scale, we live in a society where we are told what to wear, buy, even eat. We can break free from this thinking and start choosing wisely. Starting with small changes to your money habits and avoiding adverts like the plague will make a bit difference to the bank account.




I hope this content gives you some insights and if you are wanting to change your financial situation and learn, again I really suggest reading the books named above.


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