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Hey everyone,

Letting go of things that don’t serve you is easier than you may initially think. Im going to break this down with a lot of questioning first to get you to question your own negative processes.

Why do we insist on hanging onto the negative experiences from our past. Then using that as a measuring device for future possibilities?

  • We didn’t get that job so we will never get a job we want.
  • Someone had a bigger offer on that house, so we definitely won’t find our dream house.
  • We lost our biggest client, so we will never fill that gap again or get a higher paying client.
  • He/she treated me badly in that relationship, so all my partners will be the same.

I understand we have all been through experience’s in the past that mean that we have something to compare future failure with. But what if you change the way you feel about the past event. So that your current self will not bring out the same fear full feelings and stop you in your tracks in trying to change your future.

What if you could coach yourselves by yourselves into letting go of things that don’t serve you? Things you hold onto that have gone wrong in the past so you keep repeating in your mind that the same will happen again over and over.


Only because he/she hurt you, or you didn’t get that perfect job you really wanted because you think you were not good enough. Does not mean going forward this is going to keep happening. Can you read your future? NO.

Then why are you hell bent on destroying it? Those feelings of inadequacy can be changed because it was not the event that caused them.

That’s right NOT THE EVENT. Something external from yourselves does not decide how you feel. You decide how you feel. What you feel about said event is your choice. Yes, it’s a choice.  There may be a lot of people out there that struggle with this content. Because it means taking responsibility for our feelings action and happiness. However, this is what we are trying to control in the first place. But we will just go about it a different way.

In the first instance blaming someone, external events and the world for our problems does make us feel better. It also puts the power of creation in someone else’s hand. By behaving like this what we say without verbally saying it is “the someone, event and world decide our life for us”.

This is a very powerless way of living. In any given moment we choose how we react, we have not got control of other people’s behaviour. We can and do manipulate situations to get our desired results but that comes at a cost.


Shifting the way, we look at an experience will shift our feelings. This creates a different version of events. By doing this you literally and very rapidly change your life for the better. At this point you’ve not had to do anything but change your style of thinking.

If you could change future outcomes by changing your current thinking which can take a matter of minutes or hours depending on how deeply ingrained a belief is. Rather than setting up a manipulation operation to get what you want that may or may not work out would you not rather just take the time out to see if this can work?

After all, said and done, you can go back to blame and holding external importance and let it dictate your life. Just give changing your thinking a shot, I promise you will thank me later.


Letting go of things that don’t serve you is easier than you think. The reason why the hurt, embarrassment, not feeling worthy can run so deep is because we feed it. We feed it the same repeated thoughts. We go over the event with the SAME view as we began with therefore making the cut deeper.

If you didn’t get that job was it because you were not good enough or could the universe be lining up something better? Just how easy is it for you to think the worst that’s how easy it is for you to think the best.

After all, if you can read the future and say it will be a bad outcome surely then it stands to reason that you can look into the future and read a good outcome? Are you not using the same method for both outcomes? Are you not thinking about each outcome?


The method can be deceptively easy but it works none the less. To let go of past hurt you simply focus on a different outcome. (I’ve written an extensive post on how to do this here).

Your mind will always try and convince you that what you want will never come to fruition not because that’s what it does but that’s because its trained that way. Will there always be doubt of course there will. How often doubt creeps in and how long it makes a home for is entirely up to you!

Once you start to focus else where you’re re training your mind to think in a better way, a way that serves you. Letting go of things that don’t serve you will alter your life dramatically. It maybe that you have held on to a long term hurt from a family member letting this hurt go may or may not change your experience with that family member but it will take effect somewhere in your life.

As you learn the process of letting go and creating a new, you’re in this moment changing the way you think and reaching for better feelings. It’s all done in progression it may not be like a magic pill that changes your life immanently. However, you will reap the rewards over time.


It changes your perspective as you change your perspective on things you will let in other possibilities that were always there but you were unable to see them. You were unable to see them because you had ordered your mind to home in on a certain outcome. Now that you release those barriers you’re literally bringing down internal walls (blocks) as this happens your view is no longer restricted and therefore you can see a lot more.

A lot more allows possibilities and it’s from these possibilities that you start creating a foundation that serves you for your future.


Have you ever questioned ? Have you ever questioned your own thinking that holds you back and thought where did it all come from?

You may say “well experience has taught me” and I say “how did that experience enter your life”?

Experiences don’t just walk straight into our lives, yes it’s true that phenomenal things can just happen. But I’m talking about our day to day repeated lives why does it repeat in the same ridged fashion?

Experiences are created by us through us. We can choose to create different ones hence creating different outcomes. Where do we find such beliefs in the first place? You THINK A DIFFERENT THOUGHT.

As you continue to think said thoughts you will find that you start to gather evidence externally to match your new way of thinking. Those possibilities will soon become realities as you steadily gather evidence for your new conviction.


As I’ve said throughout as you let your barriers down you will allow for these possibilities to come forth. At this point things that match sort of match what you want will start coming into your life. At this point most people dive straight in with the part match outcome because they are so used to having less when something remotely likely to what they want walks in as an experience they take it as the final destination.

STOP! Take part of it, so if the perfect job comes up but the boss is an (fill in blank with some form of aggression or swearing) then you continue to progress towards your dream job. You don’t take this job and stick with it mentally if you keep progressing the right job will come along if it did not do so the first time around.

We get so stuck in time with what we’ve accepted to be the final destination. When actually all we are doing is refining our choices. Start looking at the close matches as refined choices which are taking you closer to your goal.

In fact, this can become exciting because as this happens you know you’re getting closer to your actual goal.

I hope this post ignites something within you guys and gets you thinking in a different way, if this is the case please share and let the wisdom travel.

Until next time

All my love Z xxx






























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