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Hey everyone!

Law of the universe continued, from what I started in my previous post. I’m going to break down the 12 universal laws for you. In addition to this there will be some with a modern twist.

Where does the modern twist come from? Well I’m living it!

When people look at things like this the general view-point is, this is religious old age thinking. Hmmmmm I don’t believe it is. You see even when we are aiming for that mortgage or that top spot promotion and that pay rise. Or even the ultimate beach body, these laws are there constantly working with or without your belief and knowledge.

Lets break down these laws with current explanations.

Divine Oneness – We are all one, connected in the universe everything is one mental mind. This law suggests that what humans do separately as in what we think speak of and take action on will have a corresponding effect somewhere else. This can be likened to the “butterfly effect”.

Vibration – First of all I see this as the basis of everything. The the universe is energy. Moving and vibrating at different frequencies (speeds). Currently we have quantum psychics telling us this.

Urgh law of action! Not if it’s in the flow, then its easy

(I know taking action sometimes sucks! I will cover in the flow action in another post)

Action – Action needs to be taken in order for us to bring our dreams into the reality. We may receive inspiration but we have to act on that here in the world we live in. This will take it from thought to physical. These actions taken with belief behind it (any action negative or positive with a belief to charge it) will therefore become your reality. This can be seen in day-to-day living. Hence every time we believe we can’t we don’t. Same goes for when we believe we can we do!

Correspondence – We’ve all heard of “as above, so below”. This refers to physics whereby we talk about light, vibration, energy and motion. All of these have their equivalent principles out in the universe. This suggests that everything is governed by the same laws throughout the universe.

Cause and Effect – It is believed that nothing is “coincidence” or chance. Everything happens for a reason. Everything we do, say, take action to, even our thoughts have a consequence. What we give out comes back in essence like a boomerang effect.

Compensation– We are compensated by the deeds that we do. This doesn’t mean we have to run around like we are mother Teresa. However this does mean open your heart up even if its stranger try not to judge. What we give out even mentally we get back. In life in the form of gifts whether those gifts are material or a helping hand. Next time your having a moment where someone stresses the hell out of you. Just breathe and ask yourself what did I give out? This is NOT about self blame. It’s about growth.

Theres more to it!

Attraction – This is the law I spoke of in my previous post. This law gained a lot of publicity through “the secret” people have gone crazy in the last few years thinking. They can literally think thoughts and those thoughts will manifest themselves. Its more complex than that and I will cover a lot of ground on this. It’s a very empowering law and it works! This law suggests that we create our reality with our thoughts “like thoughts attract like thoughts”. This creating a negative or positive reality around us.

Perpetual Transmutation of Energy – “perpetual transmutation” literally means never-ending change. We all have the power to change our lives. High vibrations will cancel out low vibrations. A very clear and obvious example of this is when we kill hatred or anger with love. Love is the higher vibration.

We all have hard times

Relativity – Everyone goes through hardship of some degree. This law teaches us things so that we can grow the power within us. We are tested at each turn in our lives so that we learn lessons. At this point many give up, not realising if they just held strong the gold is on the other side. It’s just when we are about to break and give up we are also very close to being successful in which ever endeavour we have taken up. When we feel our problems are really bad. This law teaches us that somewhere on the scale someone else is having a much tougher time so it’s all relative.

Polarity – All things have polarity. Examples of this are found everywhere. Hot has cold, negative has positive, up has down, left has right, fear has courage, hate has love. There is always the opposite end of any given circumstance. It’s when we choose to focus on the other end we will draw that end to us as a result. Whatever the given situation is. You get to choose what end you focus on.

My personal favourite, stay calm, stay focused

 Rhythm – Everything in the universe and our lives moves in certain patterns and rhythms. These are seasons autumn/winter/spring/summer. There are cycles to the way the earth and moon move. This law tells us that everything goes back and forth in a pattern. When we are having a real hard time in life, know that by design better things are coming. This is law, I choose this as the following analogy.

I see my ups and downs as a valley. Sometimes I’ve reached the top point of a hill and sometimes I’ve reached the dip. Now as we get stronger the dip becomes less shallow so we start to climb out of it quicker.

As we view our problems as series of little or big tests that will pass. We don’t seem to get stuck in our dips for quite as long as we used to. Everything’s the same the valleys are still there our perception has changed because by virtue of these laws we become stronger. Sit still in the knowing (belief) that following bad times are good and so it keeps going. The only delay on good times is the focus you give the bad. Switch over to focus on the good you want and this will be brought about sooner.

 Gender – This law tells us everything in nature has a male or female counterpart. Or has masculine and feminine energy. This is the law of creation both sides are needed for new life. Noteworthy to remember it’s not about higher male or female power. It reminds us that both are equally needed.

In conclusion the universe has your back if we learn to play by the rules. We still have free will lets make it easier and start winning!

Until next time.

Love Z x





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