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Hey guys!

Id like to go much deeper into the law of attraction. The reason for this is because it ties in with our subconscious mind on such a huge level. It’s in order conscious > subconscious > super conscious.

The super conscious is the universal mind where we get our “aha” moments from. But how does the universal mind give us those “aha” moments right when we need them? How is it when we really need something or a solution it will appear. When we are relaxed or forget about the problem for a little while.

I’ve touched on this subject of the law of attraction in one of my previous posts. For those of us that are new to the concept a good place to start is here.

You can also check out another awesome coach on the subject. By the name of Melody Fletcher with her fantastic blog “deliberate receiving‘. Melodies key focus is the law of attraction, her book Deliberate Receiving: Finally, the Universe Makes Some Freakin’ Sense!  is an in depth explanation and in my opinion much more advanced than the secret. In other words you can actually understand the full dynamics of the law of attraction.

For those of you who are familiar with this hypothesis id like to shed light on some of the misconceptions out there. Id also like to go a lot deeper with my personal findings and what I’ve discovered (and still discovering) on the subject.

Can we really just think happy positive thoughts and they manifest?

Yes and no. Let me explore this with you, so the yes part is thoughts do help co-create our reality. The reason they help co-create is because we meet in the middle with the universe. We take a step the universe takes a step. (Actually the universe does the heavy lifting whilst we sit there on beach with a mojito. Add to this a book and a masseuse in a 7 star kingdom. . . . . . . . I’m just pointing out how relaxed we’ve got it in comparison to the universe if we allow it to happen).

What we think we want and what we actually want are two different things. When we want the obvious materialistic things it’s generally so that the world can turn their heads and say oooohhhh. We’ve all been here, we all want to be popular with the coolest things, or we just to be seen to fit in. But here’s the crux, our “feelings” do not resonate with what we think a lot of the time.

We might say we want a million pounds want. Do we feel we can make a million pounds?? So this is where the misconceptions lay, wanting something and feeling like you can achieve it are two very different things and your universe the one that’s got your back, will give you exactly what you vibrate. The universe will give you your feelings reflected back to you.

If you think you can, you can!

If you think you’re not good enough you will get circumstances where by you’re not good enough. Maybe you feel overweight so you will continue to be overweight because you feel that way. (I personally lost six stone over two years with putting these teachings into action so yes I’ve been there). Or your feeling stuck in life and feel you’re not moving forward. You will stay in that period of your life for what seems like a long time. This is not to hurt or harm you the law is neutral it can only give you back what you feel.

We’ve become accustomed to saying “ill believe it when I see it” however it very much is the opposite. If you believe it in your heart and so it shall become in your reality providing you don’t negate this in all your waking hours which is what we all keep doing!

Theres another part to this which I very briefly discussed previously but will go into this fully now. There is a universal time delay. This time delay is based on numerous factors, the strength of your belief, how much you want what you want, how much conscious effort you put in to changing your current mindset. Guys when you start this work it WILL bring up all sorts of negative beliefs. Challenge those beliefs as you do this you break the links in your mind and give them less of a hold.

He knew the law was always working

Jim Carrey visualised a 10 million dollar cheque, not only did he visualise he wrote out a cheque and carried it around with him in his wallet. This was long before his acting career landed himself to be a hollywood superstar.  His dream which he focused on and believed. This was in 1990, on thanks giving 1995 Jim Carry rendered a cheque for his services of 10 million dollars for the much-loved movie by us all “ace ventura pet detective”.

So we know Jim really wanted it as he continued for 5 years with faith, it is law that he got his wish fulfilled. Could you want something and without any proof continue to muster the strength to have unfathomable belief for your dreams to be realised?

Law time delay

Coming back to the time delay this is more for us to be sure. We often think that we want things without really giving them full thought and how things would affect our lives. Is what we are asking for inline with our hearts desires truly or is it for keeping up appearances? So this gives us that time to change our mind. There is also the factor of not wanting enough because we think so little of ourselves so the universe will nudge us to want better.

A fine example of this in my own life was my career or what I thought was my career. Climbing the corporate ladder was what I thought I wanted. I got to where id asked the universe I wanted to go (so I did get my manifestation which I did write down 6 months previously). When I got there it wasn’t what I wanted at all. Months after my life took varying twists and turns and it dawned on me. The universe had been trying to nudge me on the path I’m on now and I just didn’t listen. Previous to this the same stuff kept repeating itself like I was stuck in a bad dream until I listened and followed my heart.

Anyway back to you and the time delay. You’ve been dealing with a lot of crap let’s be honest, you don’t feel like a super hero and like your successful in life? Why would you, overtime you’ve tried you’ve either failed or you’ve been told you can’t do it. Or your not good enough, or my favourite of ALL TIME (heavy heavy sarcasm alert) “you need to be realistic” ta dah!! bells and whistles please.

You said what to me?!

Realistic??!! “I will give those people realistic”. What does that even mean? I’ll tell you what it means. It voices itself from the people who fear life and rejection themselves who are too scared to follow on their dreams. Or have a long list of excuses and do not even want to entertain the possibility and its a big one that we are the powerful creators of our lives and shit just doesn’t happen to us! (it’s the grannies fault that s eating her fish & chips quietly on the park bench with her weekly pension). Wake up!!

So with all this negativity swimming in your mighty subconscious it’s no wonder you feel like you can’t. Those feelings can be changed, and when they change to belief and feelings of empowerment then what happens is your energy shifts. Your dominant energy will still be all the previous negative clutter, as with anything this will take time. The key is to let your new positive beliefs be dominant 51% of the time and you’ve tipped the scales in your favour.

What about all the negative thoughts?

You maybe thinking “what about all the negatives I was thinking? won’t it take for them to pan out, as I’ve been focused on them for so long?”.

Again yes and no. There will be some stuff that will start spinning out to its end. You will get a sort of mix from your old vibration to your new vibration. As soon as you shift your focus, at this point your energy has changed so your vibrating a whole different signal. You need to continue adding momentum to that signal for you to attract back things you want in your life from the other end. How do you know when your momentum has changed? Your dominant thoughts will focus on the future you want as opposed to the future you don’t want! Also our positive thoughts that are mixed with good feelings overshadow their counterparts of negativity.

Guys ill be covering lots on this topic as I live my life by it. The next post will look deeper into some other laws that help the darker days. This will give you a different out look when times are hard.

Until next time

Love Z xx







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