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Is your action inspired by fear? What do I mean by this? Do you do things sometimes because your scared if you don’t do it what you want won’t happened?


You can say at this point “well duh if I don’t do it, it won’t happen!”. This is true but I’m talking about the feelings behind your actions. If your feelings are not congruent with your thought’s, then your slowing yourself down to reaching that goal. How often do you stop and register your feelings when you have a thought? Not often. That is us walking around on auto pilot wondering why things don’t come to us as easily as we would like them too.


For example, and I’m using this example because it’s a big one for all of us, when we want more money and we are struggling or worrying. What are we feeling? I can come up with few ideas, generally speaking this thought is based around lack (not having it in the first place) desperation because things need to be paid. Worry, concern, stress the list is endless.


The point I’m making is your feelings are not congruent with your thoughts. Receiving additional money or income would resolve issues, your issues resolved would feel great! So then how can worry, concern, stress equate to feelings of great?




We walk around with such a busy life that we never give a second thought to what’s going on inside us. Our minds are designed in such a way that it will literally keep us away from things which don’t feel good to keep us safe. This is most commonly seen where we choose not to step out of our comfort zone. If the mind is so focused on keeping us safe, do you think you are being drawn towards what you want or away from it, if it doesn’t feel good?


Your minds ability to filter out things is a natural one and very powerful. Whatever we focus on we will see more of, if we want money but stress and worry about it all the time and this being the dominant focus, you will filter out from your mind any possibility of how to make or receive more money. Our minds shut down to external information dependant on what we are focusing on. For those of you who may be interested in the mind filtering aspect, this article on the Huffington Post is very good, giving us a simple example of how this can work.


EXERCISE – Next time you are in a situation that you want to change but are worried or fearful of the outcome you want not taking place, revert inwards. Have a closer look at what your feeling on the inside. Is your body tense? Are there any amounts of subtle anxious feelings going on? If so it’s time to question, why you feel that way deep down. Is your action inspired by fear? Break it down and get into a better feeling state.




Bringing barriers down does not have to be as difficult as people make it. You can sit with being uncomfortable its ok for us to do this. After all, at the moment all your doing is negotiating your own thinking. You are not stood in front of a judge or having to prove yourself to an audience.


The only thing you have to do at this point is to make yourself feel better about a situation. Once you start feeling better you open yourself up to the possibilities and ideas of how this can come about. You find the resolution.


What you may worry about, normally comes in with this sort of fashion “what if this doesn’t happen then I won’t be able to pay x y z this month”.  Breaking down a barrier from this space will seem very difficult. “what do I need to do to bring in the money that I need?” Or if it’s a person an item, whatever the situation if you come from a stance of asking what is needed to bring about your resolution then you will find the answers.

Its worth noting that “being needy” is completely different from asking questions about things you need. Again its about the feeling behind the thought. Needy is a low level feeling of insecurity.


EXERCISE – Remind yourself when you’re up against a hurdle that there are solutions to all problems. When was the last time the worst outcome came true for you? And if it did in hindsight what did you gain? Were you better off, did you grow as a person and learn tools to help you in the future?  




Have you ever been so scared that you never did something? Of course, you have! We do it all the time, it’s a growing norm. What does this do for you? It keeps you locked in place. You’re not growing, you are being kept within certain parameters within your own life by your own thinking! That’s the worst bit we create our own comfort zones and choose to stay within them. Likewise, we create our own fears in our minds then choose to believe the elaborate stories our minds conjure up telling us we are doomed on every corner.


Ever had a win? I bet you felt great, didn’t you? You did it you achieved what you thought impossible and against all odds. It’s these moments where you know you could and really wanted it. There may have been discomfort but you were ready to take the plunge.


This is where you want to be big or small obstacle. If we were unable to think the solution or find it, then we would not have this amazing in built mechanism like a homing pigeon taking us directly towards our goals or what we want. We would be in the animal kingdom to feed roam and mate.


Animals don’t have the freedom of changing their life path, they have seasons they follow. We have choices that change our life’s path drastically. Nature completely intended it this way, it was no accident.


EXERCISE – Practice getting into the feeling of the solution, whatever that may be. You can create the outcome you want in your mind first, then get your feelings in line with that outcome. Keep rehearsing this with all the hurdles you have to jump over. Practice the outcome you want in your mind then create that feeling inside you. It is from this space that you will get answers that you can take action on right from where you are. 



Below is a Ted Talk on how fears are created by the mind keep you locked in place. They don’t have to if we see them for what they are.




This Ted Talk beautifully illustrates fear is made in your mind and can be conquered by the mind too. This is regardless of external circumstances. The main objective of this post is to talk about our feelings behind actions, but fear plays such a dominant part in almost anything we do.

Isaac is an incredible example of how we can face the most terrifying fears and still come out on top. Like he says he got his mind right because thats all he has the pictures in his imagination, if he corrects his images and feelings and acts then he is going to succeed.

Making money and all the other things that we want but fear to get seem so small and easy with this example. Its almost as if you can do anything. You can.

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