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Hey everyone,

So after United Kingdom’s BREXIT the next shock is donald trump. OK so what does all this information do for you directly in your household?

I understand people out there that have fears of what donald trump is declaring to do. But understand that the fear has always been there. What creating this fear means for the people in power is to keep the masses under a certain control. This can only play out in your life if you let it. (read here for a post on how your personal reality takes shape).

Let’s face it them having control means power and money.

Will it increase your salary in the next three months? Maybe it will pay for your family holidays next year? Maybe this news will make you the next millionaire! Donald trump may even buy your family dinners every night.

No not likely? I thought as much. So why are so many people invested emotionally and energetically to these political debates?

Over the span of the however many years you have been around what news has affected food on your table? Did any news not just the big political news effect your income? (If there’s people out there that can answer yes, I am truly sorry and you no longer need to continue reading.) However, for the majority the answer is generally no.

We give so much time and energy to these news flash moments and that’s exactly what they are moments. A big drum roll please then the moment passes and all is forgotten even Donald trump being president.

As in the weeks before and after we get wound up, heavily invested in debates that do not alter our daily living one iota. You can give the spiel that it will affect future generations to anyone who will listen. Or maybe even “this is happening now!” who is this happening too?

Why are you giving so much time and energy to something that is not going to contribute to the betterment of your daily life?

We tend to focus on these events in the news with hawk like precision. What if we did this whole focus thing on things that can make us successful/rich/smarter/confident or any other awesome thing you can think of?


Whilst the whole world is debating over this rather shocking news. You could be pouring your energy into what makes a difference in your life.

Forget about government goals, what about your goals, you have dreams and aspirations don’t you? Find a way and start on them.

Having dreams does not mean they never come true. Having goals does not mean it has to be hard. Giving your energy to things like the news and negative debates is easy. It’s also easy because everyone talks about it but do you have to be the majority?

How many people sit on your desk declaring they will become the next CEO/FOUNDER of xyz company? Or the next warren buffet (Multi billionaire one of the richest stock market entrepreneur’s) and mean it!


Thinking we are not going to amount to much or be extremely successful is a dying myth. The question is not “how do we do this” its more “why were we not taught this before”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still aspiring to do all the above, actually I’m making significant progress towards my goals and dreams. There are things I have achieved that most people would think are not do able. Now I’m moving onto bigger projects so I do have the go get attitude and I’ve seen things happen. Quickly.

Did I have to do a complete u – turn, well yes. Does it mean you will have to? not necessarily. Pursuing goals does not have to be a life changing thing right here right now. Done correctly and with direction now can be a life changing event in your future for your betterment. For your growth and your next milestone to success.


 You really don’t have to be the A* student that went all the way to university to have a great life. We all face hardships the rich and poor and everyone in between.

What do the rich do differently? If any of you are interested and do your research you will see that not all on rich lists are rich from family fortunes. They are self-made. What they do different is think different.

That’s the point here, thinking and where our focus is. We can generate all sorts of fear all by ourselves of how we will never succeed in life. We then continue to hand our power or lives and our thoughts to political parties and government’s declaring them to be our saviours.

When was the last time they actually made a difference in your life? A difference so big that it altered your day to day living?


As soon as you are able to calm your nerves from what’s happening in the news today. I would like you to take a moment and start to think about your life and freedom. What does it mean to you to be secure and free?

What would it feel like to not have the worlds madness not affect your daily life? If all the things that go against you feeling amazing were not taking place. Just take a moment and feel what that feels like. So how does it feel? AMAZING! you feel free like you’ve just won the lottery and your troubles went away!

Guess what guys in that moment your troubles did go away. You on purpose chose to shift your focus from your current reality to the one that you want. In doing so you forgot for a minute all the negative goings on.

In this very real way you can continue to focus on the things you want. This without any further effort on your part will start to filter out all the rubbish thoughts and worries that you currently have.

Again it’s not like a magic pill which you swallow and you never feel worry and pain in your life. We need these feelings to grow. However, what this does do is get you focused on hurdles that will change your day to day life for the better.


If you hold a baby in your arms hold them really close to you. You end up cultivating this pure energy it’s almost like a shield. It’s that feeling that you will look after them no matter what. Nothing breaks through that shield not even thoughts of Donald trump and who’s army!

It’s this power I want you to cultivate. We can stop and shift our focus at any time. Use this and learn to focus on creating a better you. Start thinking that you can rather than thinking that you can’t.

It is all around us the news the negativity most of all the fear. Those that live life in this way can create a different reality it’s not about who is in power. It’s about what you give your focus to.

So do yourself a massive favour and start to focus your attention on all your wants. Focus on the world you would like to see. Rather than giving your energy to the now, give your energy to your own immediate life. You can create chaos or happiness in this moment.

You can choose fear or power, no one can take that away from you no one.

Give it go you have nothing to lose, the time is passing anyway whether you live in fear or not.

Until next time

Love Z xxx











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