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Hey guys!

So, I was inspired to write about inspiration (not trying to be funny, these things happen).

Are we there yet? That time of year where we are all revved up. Yes, we are going to stick to all the new year’s resolutions. Um because I said I am I’ll show you. . . . . . . . . two weeks later. Damn it that Krispy Kreme looked sooooo good, didn’t it? (I know it did I’m not judging, I’m right there with you feeling your pain).

OK point that’s the average, about everyone in the world wants to lose weight after Christmas ready to be like “hey good looking” for the summer. Not only weight loss but a number of things:

  • Career change
  • Starting a business
  • Eating healthy
  • Going out more

Or whatever that thing was you wanted with the up most determination you were (were) roaring like a lion.

Then things happen. (by things I mean you turned back into a kitten aww how cute, but that won’t do folks)


You see, things didn’t just happen excuses did. I’m not here to give you a hard time if you tried and failed blah blah. It doesn’t work like that. The question is why do you find it so difficult to get motivated? and if you did manage to get motivated, why do you want to give up? Why do you tell yourself the cynical story’s that hold you back?

You tell yourself these things because, on some level deep down you believe you actually cannot achieve what you’ve set out to achieve. If you were to move forward knowing that you will meet success no matter what hurdles come would you continue?

OK so if yes is your answer, why then do you think that you will meet failure over success both options are viable. You are not able to see the future (unless you’ve been practicing then you might). What you’re doing here is judging your future ability by your past.

Not just any portion of your past, but you literally are measuring it by your failures this far. You might think “it’s too hard” but what you mean is I’m not going to make it.


No one said it will be an overnight transformation. It takes time effort and dedication isn’t that all the traits you have now? As a parent, holding a full-time job which you hate, raising children (shout out to every mum you’re a super woman!!!). Living in the current state of affairs that we call life!

Every hurdle you’ve had in your life took some form of time dedication and effort to overcome. Just rewind add all that strength up and direct it towards that goal which you think you are unable to achieve. Now tell me was it do able? (you know you’re feeling like that lion again, roar).

You’ve established right now that you can so what’s the setbacks? (by setbacks I mean excuses I’m just trying to be polite). It’s when we hear chicken little.

Chicken little???? Yes, it’s that little cynical voice that runs around telling us the worst is going to happen don’t take that risk!! No get out you’re not safe, it won’t work. Just follow the herd listen to your friends and your peers, yes because they can read your future and tell you EXACTLY how your life will pan out! GUYS please it’s an exact science we all do the chicken little dance from time to time!

Just because they don’t want to eat their chicken (pun intended) does not mean you can’t put up a BBQ my friend and throw a jam out in the summer (whoop whoop raise that roof). They can’t YOU CAN!!


What gives you the superman cloak to go get your dreams? First and foremost, your reading this post. If your reading this post this far it means that you want to silence your chicken little and be different. We are most certainly filled with a pessimistic world with cynical people they are all around us, we conditioned to believe that we will not amount to anything and we can never attain our dreams.

That’s one way of looking at life, when you get on the “I will” band wagon and stay for the duration of the journey you will find that magic starts happening. Yes, right from where you are stood reading this you have EVERY tool to get going from where you are to take the next step your promise land. You will be inspired to take action towards whatever you want, the way to stay on this train is to ignore the chicken littles. All of them.

Yes, it can’t be done, by who’s standards and who’s fears. Are you projecting your own fears onto me then giving me advice? Or do you stand neutral and tell me to follow my feelings and dreams?

If they are not the latter, they are not worth being in your presence.


I have read a monumental amount of self-help books and watched movies, videos read blogs kept up to date with latest in inspiration and self – development. I’ve got quotes coming out of my ears. You know what did it for me?


There will be times when you doubt yourself sometimes it won’t go for days. Then you will see something, like this very post and inspiration will come pouring down.  You will just keep getting swept back and forth “yes I can, no I can’t”. There comes a point where your “I can” becomes the loudest and strongest roar in the room.

The closest to you will try and break your resolve because they mean well by you. Remember they are too laden with their own fears, I love the following quote.

“Work hard in silence, let the success be your noise”

Start this journey with today’s inspiration and don’t expect anyone to cheer for you but yourself. At the end of it all, you only need yourself to pave the way. Claiming to the people which you would like to think highly of you that you are starting this endeavour and expecting some serious clapping is like winning £1 on a scratch card and your friends reacting like you won a million!

It’s not going to happen and you will find yourself defeated before you start. You’re not doing this for them or to pay their bills. You’re doing this for you because deep down you want better, you want to make mum & dad (and in my case sisters proud) you want your nieces, nephews, your own children to look up to you. You want to be someone not to show off, but because you can and it makes you feel amazing.


Fall and get up, fall again get up again next time it won’t hurt as bad. One day it won’t hurt at all, then you’ll be on higher ground again you will fall this time from a height so it will hurt again. Get up climb again next time you will see the fall and your footing will be better.

Surround yourself with inspiration its everywhere if you look for it, it will meet you face to face and hold your hand. You don’t need to be afraid fear is only as big as a problem when you keep running from it. Stand there roar like the lion that you capable of being then watch the fear melt into thin air.

Because we can. How will you start your journey?

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All my love

Z xxx










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