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Don’t you absolutely hate it when life doesn’t go our way? Who doesn’t get stroppy or throw tantrums in the face of adversity? I mean after all we are allowed to want what we want and to get it then and there regardless of if it’s good for us or not right?


What about in hindsight when these little or big adversities were our saving grace? At that time when we are ripping our hair out in the face of adversity. In that space where you feel like the universe is truly against you and nothing good ever happens. It is then that we are being carried forward in the best way for our future unbeknown to us.




A few weeks back I wanted to sell my BMW. One evening I’m driving home and BAM I was hit into by another driver. Both parties were OK however his poor little car had the door hanging off and my sturdy BMW saloon had a small dent and cosmetic damage.


I was thinking of selling up and buying a little city run around. Like the man that crashed into me had. Due to moving and working from home I just felt I didn’t need my BMW and a small car would suffice. I remember getting annoyed because my car was not selling a quick as I wanted. I was getting offers but nothing that met my request.


What if I had sold the car before the accident and got my city run about? When the guy crashed into me my entire left side jolted and I was in severe pain for days after. His car was crushed literally door off and bent in. This would have been far worse had I been in a little cheap run about.


Was me not selling my car adversity or universal intervention for my highest good? For me the knowing that this was meant to be. That feeling which I’m unable to explain was enough proof that the universe truly orchestrates things that we cannot possibly conceive of with our conscious minds.




I have countless examples that lead me to believe that there is something bigger than us taking the reins of life. Yes, we have free will and all that good stuff but we get a magical helping hand along the way. I am sure you’ve experienced moments of serendipity a few times in your life that is undeniable.


I want you to think of the next time that you are in the face of adversity. Then remind yourself that this too is for my highest good. Things going our way in that exact moment may not be the best way to proceed or the best answer. What if you want “that flat” or “that job” but there’s a better position about to open or a flat that’s cheaper and around the corner from your new job!


Why does it have to be now? Can we be patient or do we think at all times we can’t get better than what life is now or what we have found? It’s so easy for us to think the worst at all times especially in the face of adversity. It’s like we are unable to accept that things can go a different way to how we want them to pan out.




Our conscious mind is an amazing tool. It takes in information so that we can make an informed decision (I personally am a snap decision sort of person). This is great and most of the time we act out life according to the information gained and head towards what we want.


What if we were wrong? You know that gut feeling that you’ve ignored time and time again in favour of your monkey mind that wants to control everything! The one, when we look back is ALWAYS leading us in a better direction. Yes, that one it knows better than we do!


That gut feeling is actually connected to a higher level of consciousness. That consciousness delivers solutions that we will never ever be able to come up with on our own. So, am I saying that you should constantly wait for a gut feeling before you take action? NO. What I’m saying is be patient and in your haste, don’t make the wrong decision through want or need or possibly even desperation.




When the route starts changing and it seems like we are heading in the wrong direction. All that is happening is we are being put back onto a better path so that we can reach our goals quicker. Ever heard of people that ended up taking a job that they didn’t want and that job led them exactly to the job they did want? Things like this are dismissed so often. But we were being carried in the right direction by a power that ALWAYS has your back.



Why don’t we trust the unseen or our feelings? Have you ever just given it a go? There’s no guarantee that things will work out if we follow our well thought out plans anyway. If this were true we would all have beach bodies and be billionaires living in a luxury condo in the united Arab states.  Life does not always go as planned. These reasons are not always clear but that doesn’t mean that they are wrong.


We have to try and stay optimistic in the face of adversity. We are always being led to our goals, just not the way we expect it and certainly not to our time scale.




If everything always panned out just the way we imagined it, this would soon get boring. There would be no excitement no surprise’s left. I can hear those of you that have struggled thinking you just want an easy life. That is true we all do want this, but again if everything right now became that easy it would only be a matter of time before you went out of your mind.


We are engineered as humans to find solutions and to aim for targets and goals. Sir Richard Branson once said “if a goal does not scare you, it’s not big enough”. We thrive on achievement the bigger the achievement the more great and powerful we feel and become.


This feeling of greatness does not come from idly sitting around wishing life would be different. Or in the face of adversity giving up on the first hurdle.




Rather than thinking we are in the face of adversity, think of it as a challenge that is helping you become the person you need to in order to get to where you’re going. You may not possess the skills you need to be able to get past the bigger hurdles in the future and therefore you are being re directed towards a slightly more obstacle course type path to build those qualities now.


It’s the person that you need to become at the end that will set the pace for your future goals. If you could achieve all that you want from right where you are you would have achieved it already.


How quickly we step over these adversity’s is defined by our reaction to the situation. If we can deal with things from a different perspective, then we are one step closer to becoming the person we want to become. If I wanted to be a successful business person would that person throw a fit if things didn’t go their way or would they contemplate a different direction?




How would your future self-react in the face of adversity? Is this person richer smarter, calmer, more optimistic do things always go right for them? Do you have your dream house or job? Have you got the girl or the guy that you always dream about? What do you do differently in the future that you can do now?


How would you react this is extremely important. Ever notice when you’ve let things go they disappear. Maybe you have dealt with an adverse situation from a different perspective and it seemed effortless to get past. On the other hand, when you’ve shown major resistance the hurdle has lingered for a long time.


The different perspective was you showing as a more powerful you. The one that has the tools to deal with future hurdles so that you can become the best version of you.




Adversity’s don’t mean give up they just mean learn to jump higher (that a new skill set). You will need all of these tools that you have picked up along the way when you thought the universe was doing you out of your good. Could you imagine being thrown into your dream if you never learnt the ropes? If your dream is to be the next richest mogul in town would it be wise for you to land in a business environment where you have hundreds of staff but did not know how to manage all these people and departments?


Would it be fair to say that you would have liked some training and resources so that you can direct your business accordingly?


There’s another business in town that you have to direct even better than your money-making business and that’s the business of your life. If you fail to give yourself proper direction and be well armed with what you need, you will fail.


Next time there’s is an adversity’s look up and smile. Give thanks for the teaching and guidance no matter how tough try and reach a point where you see this as a helping hand and a new beginning. Not just any beginning your chosen beginning heading straight for your dreams.


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