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All the promises the world makes you yet success eludes you. Some of these stories you read how the millennials are making online millions overnight.  You’re going to be the next millionaire if you follow steps one to five in that exact order it will take you 30 days from now. On your marks. Get set. GO!


I did GO! Oh, yes I went. Let me take you back to the summer of 2015. I was working for a national bank having just turned 30 and grabbing a salary of nearly 50k per year I was on top of my game.


To add to this mix I had just gone from 21k per year to nearly 50k per year in three months that’s it 12 weeks! You think that’s definitely what you want accept when you get there the world looks very different.


People may spend their whole lives climbing the ladder of success only to find, once they reach the top, that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall. Thomas Merton

I Saw the Wall Then Changed the Position of My Ladder


There were hundreds of staff members on each floor. I remember looking at the floor span and seeing the new build offices with the coldest air conditioning. All the amenities close by, modern toilets and massive kitchens.


Gone were the days of boiling kettle’s and standing around. You had boiling hot water taps which take a second to make your coffee. Each individual desk was twice the size of any standard desk with two 22-inch screens to work from.


Working on the top floor looking out at the entire city. Our offices were also situated next to the tallest building in the city which goes by the name of The Blade.


Training lasted around four weeks. Then you were on your own. There were floor walkers but they had their hands full with so many other new starters that came in after us.


I didn’t see the long hours. Several days a week would end up being 11 hour days. I’d be starting the day sat on my desk at 7.30/8 AM and finish around the same time PM. All this with a half an hour lunch which I’d be missing because work just piled up and there were dead lines.


Towards the end of the week you would start feeling an eerie anxiety if you hadn’t met your deadlines. This was a universal thing within the office, everyone felt it. (Talk about that Friday feeling!). There was a weekly round up in front of your whole team. Your stats would be mentioned in front of everyone.  50k salary yes. Happiness ZERO.


I Was More Important Than the Job


There comes a point in your life and some people may never get to that point. When you want to give up everything you have ever known in pursuit of happiness.


My feelings were crushed daily in the grind of a 9-5. I was tired and did not want to conform to societies norm. Feeling I was answerable all day every day to someone. I wanted to be a leader of my own life and in my mind, I knew I could do more.


I needed to find the strength to leave this job knowing I had no idea where I was going or what I would be doing next. All I knew is I wanted my life back all of it on my terms. I did not want to work for someone else and help them get rich whilst I struggled with my life. Having already been building up to this moment mentally for several years.


I had discovered years ago that our thoughts create the world around us. If I believe in something strongly enough it will come about in my life. With this conviction in my mind I didn’t just step outside my comfort zone. I ran out all the way without looking back and the momentum was contagious in every aspect of my life.


Once I’d made the decision that I no longer wanted to conform to the rat race everything else that I needed fell into place.


Quitting was Scary


Summer 2015 I quit my job. I had little in the way of savings and I lived in a rented flat. Having no plan I had nothing but a feeling. Being literally carried through life for the next 10 months or so. In April 2016, I moved back in with my parents. I thought a hundred times to go back to full time employment as the rules of society were not allowing me to pursue my long held dream of helping others through self-development.


I have passion for reading and I had self-studied about the psychology of the mind and how to re train ourselves for success and self-confidence. This I had done in my own time over the last 15 years. As I do not have PhD next to my name and did not do a degree in the subject I felt like a nobody in this arena.


Did this mean that the books I had studied and the knowledge amounted to nothing just because I did not hold a degree in the subject? NO. Not only did I hold the knowledge I had tried and tested many methods.


What I needed was a platform that I could reach out to people and help. It was at this point I discovered I could create a blog.


The Battle Before the Break Through


I’m not religious although I have beliefs of my own. I came across something called “The battle before the breakthrough” it comes from the bible. This particular chapter talks about never giving up as there is always a battle just before a breakthrough.


The tougher it gets the closer you are to your goal. It will always feel like an uphill struggle and just as you want to throw in the towel your victory will be near. The question then is how do you keep fighting when success eludes you?


I always have the angel and demon playing out in my mind. One spurs me on whilst the other gives me a million reasons as to why I will never succeed. Success will greatly depend on what you choose to focus on. What wolf will you feed?


I Had to Feed Hope, Courage & Strength


I spent this last year alone on a journey that no one around me understood. Everyone gets up and goes to work whilst I stay at home and build a blog. All this without knowing what will happen.


One thing I’ve learnt for sure, when you think success eludes you and want to give up don’t. Every time I thought I took a wrong turn something I wanted to happen happened. The amount of times I’ve wanted to give up. Then there’s a nudge a glimmer that I’m going in the right direction. This is the way the universe conspires with you. As long as you believe and keep taking action.


You only fail if you stop.


In this last year, I’ve been back on my feet with a new flat, living with my partner and writing full time about self-development. Gathering a following on Facebook and Twitter. It feels like a dream.


I have less income but my soul is fed and I’m being true to myself. I could have never done this working for someone else. When Timothy Ferris Four Hour Work Week came out everyone wanted a laptop lifestyle thinking the game was easy. It’s not.


Success will Find You with Persistence & Consistency


It takes real grit with any new endeavour. You have to be in it for the long haul. Forget about overnight success and instantaneous gratification. If you want to be someone and build that life it does not come as a pre-packaged gift.


You will have to take action day after day, then you will catch immense momentum. When you’re on this train it will not stop until you reach your destination.


Will you pull the breaks before it reaches your stop?


I wanted to share this story because I want to give hope to anyone thinking of making a complete U-turn. The minute you decide what you want to do then take the action things start taking shape.


Right from where you are, everything you need to start you have. You have to trust that it can happen for you just not overnight. A fantastic book written by Darren Hardy The Compound Effect has taught me anything done with consistency over a period of time will yield results this is a fact I have seen over and over again in my life.


This is how you keep fighting when success eludes you. You stay consistent.


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In the meantime, never ever give up.


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