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Hey guys!

I’d like to talk about why so many people seem to not reach their goals and what we can do to achieve them.

The reason behind this may surprise some of you, but it comes down what we think of ourselves and because of our self-image. We feel we will never reach those goals. We may even set goals but never dare to dream bigger than the next promotion or pay rise.

Have you ever thought beyond your 9 to 5? Or beyond just weight loss to a cover magazine body? How about being millionaire or a billionaire? What about being financially free for life and not working for someone? Or buying more than just 1 or 2 properties?

I used to think of goals as a huge mountain climbing to the top seemed such an effort. We feel like it’s such a long road ahead. Because we don’t have all the answers immediately mapped out we tend to give up before we begin. But that’s pretty irrational thinking if you slow down long enough to process these thoughts. When have we ever been able to look deep into the future and say “this is how this road is going to go exactly”. We don’t yet we continually behave in manners that say this is how it has to be.

Further breaking this down our behaviour is due to fear I’ve written a post on fear which you can read here. That breaks down why and how to conquer this truly debilitating feeling that is provided to us through our thoughts. And what do I LOVE to advocate “thoughts can be changed!”.

Fear of the unknown is scary I get this, but fear of failure? What if we couldn’t fail? I’m serious what defines failure? Because you didn’t pass your driving test the first time around. Was that failure or did you take more lessons and re sit the test? To go on to pass. Yes, I thought you might have.

When we start tasks we think its monumental. However when we break them down the smaller chunks are doable. A bit like that second third driving lesson. Where do you think your current life skills came from? Were you born with them or did you learn them? Did you learn them then go onto perfect them? (Don’t roll your eyes and say “I didn’t perfect anything”. Well if you’re a driver I hope you perfected you’re driving for that test you would have had no choice or else you would have failed!). Anyway. . ..?

Perfection is what we become with continues repetition. Continued lessons in whatever we are trying to master. We don’t fail guys we come up against hurdles and we GIVE UP. Yes, we give up. This is because at the time of the hurdle we think we can’t dodge it. If this was really true, then by know you wouldn’t be the young lady or gent that you are. Very able to wake up dress yourself and make your breakfast? Unless your claim here is you had these skills since you were one-day old. (If this is true I’d like to hear from you I’ve always known aliens exist I’d love to speak with you I’m a big fan of universal intelligence and I promise not to brag to the papers for a few hundred).


So know we’ve stopped thought about how irrational our thinking was, what are we going to do about it? If you want to do something about it, which I’m sure you do as you wouldn’t be reading this post if you didn’t.

Setting goals is the easy part (all of it is easier than you think, its your perspective that makes something hard or not). What do you want? Ask yourself and this is fun really fun, you can go wild with your imagination, if you want to fly then I suggest you stick with imagination and DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. But if you want to double your income or follow your passion even lose weight and get abs then it’s all doable.

We start with taking the goal in this instant you want to triple your salary is your promotion the only way to achieve this? Think outside the box here, the goal is more money. Is your job the only income stream in the world? No, if you want more money and don’t have the time to make more money, then you need to ask yourself “how much do I really want said goal?”.If you can’t make the time for it then you don’t really want it enough. With the drive and passion, it’s not going to happen guys you want fire in your stomach! Or that feeling like a wave of magic has swept over us and were excited about a new venture.


Even if your genuine and don’t have the time right now (it won’t always be this way) remember what I said about chunks. What about ten minutes a day to learn about what you want to do to earn the extra, or even to start learning other ways to make money where by you don’t have to always exchange time.

An example here if you want to earn a passive income to triple your yearly and you want to start trading stocks. First you would learn about stocks and shares if you have the money you do an online course. Each online module can be around 20-30 minutes this is done because of the high speed lives we are all living at the moment. But like you said you haven’t the time! Or you may not be able to afford the course.

What about getting a book and reading ten minutes every night? Do you think if you were to start reading a subject for the next six months every night for ten minutes you would create a wealth of knowledge that would help aid your next move on how to invest wisely so that you get major dividends down the line??? Or you were confident at this stage but just wanted to learn a bit more, or start levelling up as you want to start becoming a master mind with it? All this form ten minutes a day??!!! YES, all this guy’s its very true and doable.


Next time you have a goal or a dream please do not give up without giving yourself the proper chance. If you think that you’re not equipped for the goal you have in mind, then that’s your starting point with your small chunks. Find out what equipment you need to begin, then start to purchase or gain or whatever you need to build your goal. Start small and before you know it that mountain will become an avalanche heading towards you of you not only achieving the goal but absolutely annihilating it.

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In the meantime, go and achieve goals and tell them they are NOT bigger than you.


All my love until next time Z xxx

















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