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Hey everyone!

Today I’m covering fear and how to overcome this debilitating feeling we go through.

So far the topics I’ve discussed have been about the subconscious mind and how we can change our thoughts to create the reality around us. Fear sits in with all of these things, it’s the opposite end of the spectrum to happiness and joy.

I felt for these reasons I wanted to write a post on the subject for those of us who want to pursue things but are scared. Id like to first recognise the two types of fear. Yes it is true that “fear is just fear” it’s a feeling with related thoughts that make us fearful in the first place. Remove the thoughts and replace them with empowering ones and were done.

Except we all know it’s easier said than done. So lets break this down

The rational and irrational

We have the fear that’s rational i.e. someone wants to harm us physically. Then there is irrational i.e. what our mind has created for has that may or may not come into the physical.

So rational fear is plausible. If someones running at you with an axe id be scared (actually id probably pass out but hey we all deal with things differently). This is very real it’s created in the moment and then the moment has passed hopefully we are not to bloody and we survive.

But and its a big but and the focus of my post. Irrational fear is what the mind has decided to conceive based on your imagination running wild or past experiences. This is one of the most biggest setbacks in achieving goals. Fear of NOT being able to achieve them? because lets face it we all have mystic abilities so we can read our future don’t we?

Hmmmm thought not. Why try if we are convinced we will never achieve said goal? Why do we believe this in the first place. Remember it is your belief that creates the fear in the first place. If you believed in yourself and had empowering thoughts in respect of your goal, fear would be subsided. There maybe things that make you uncomfortable but not to point where you give up or worse don’t start because your too scared.

Law of averages

Past experiences can put a stopper in the works if there major negative ones I get that. However if you look at an experience say repeating 10 times will it be negative for every-time? The law of averages tells me it won’t. Even if the first 5 times were near excruciating the 6th time would be better. Your mind adapts quickly to any given situation repeated a series of times.

Breaking it down further

So lets break this down even further. Your mind is telling you, you’re not worthy, you can’t do it, its a pipe dream blah blah blah yawn. Whats the worst that will happen had you tried? Maybe you waste time (that passes anyway), could you learn new skills? You make a 100 instead of a 1000? You lose a stone instead of getting a six-pack?

Guys what is your definition of failure? Because each and every thing stated above is my definition of success. Because you’re not stood at the beginning anymore, don’t look at how far you have to go. Look at how far away you are from the beginning.

Fear is a feeling created in the mind, through our thinking or thinking we can’t repeatedly. Where do we even get these ideas from, just because everyone around you is doing the same thing or going by family norms does this mean you have to do the same? If you want to, this is fine. But if your like me and want to make your dream a living reality and wake up in it (yes I’m well on way and so will you be ?). Then we have to face these fears.

Break them down into smaller chunks so it doesn’t seem overwhelming. If you don’t have a plan so what?! At this point you don’t even need a plan. You need faith in YOURSELF. How do you get that faith so you overcome your fears? By going out and doing the thing your afraid of.

FEAR? No thank you, my personal experience

I wrote a little about myself in the “about me’ section of this website. This will explain that I suffer from two types of phobias and have had mental health challenges that have pressed upon my mind heavily over the years. Eventually I thought I’m never going to achieve anything with this mental health. WRONG big fat massive wrong.

I recently visited a close friend 100 miles or so out from where I live on my own. Part of my phobia does not allow for me to travel out on my own. Did I do this drive yes, was i scared? terrified in fact over half an hour of that journey in the beginning I thought about turning back 50 times. I cried with anxiety and thought I’m going to pass out. I heaved through the tears thinking I needed to pull over and vomit.

What happened, nothing I wasn’t sick I made the journey all the way there. What I learned from this is huge. Fear has only got a hold until you hold onto it. The minute you face up to it, it dissipates into nothing and for the best part I’m getting better quicker than ever before (that’s quicker than drugs or professional help!)

Don’t you know were superhuman!

Susan Jeffers taught me this with her No1 best seller “feel the fear and do it anyway” more than a decade ago. But today I’ve lived it and I can emphasis enough guys just DO IT! You will laugh in the face of your fear once its done I promise if I can front phobias you can front a fear.

After all we are ALL superhuman.

I’m going to explain some science to get you into superhuman mode. This is to help calm your mental and physical symptoms when you go for it ?.


The way to calm erratic consciousness is to breathe. Not breathe in the way people say “take deep breaths” this does not actually calm you down. Your breath must be in rhythm. for example, breathe in for 5 seconds breathe out for 5 secs.

The natural way of breathing to gain full consciousness is in a rhythmic form. (law of rhythm as discussed in another post).

This prevents mind block/blank. When we can’t seem to think under pressure or our mind goes wild with the thing that’s in front of us that’s causing us fear.

The other key point to bring us to a calmer level again is our focus point at the time of the fear, choose to focus on something external like two people talking this will take your mind (thoughts) away from the thing you fear there for catastrophizing. The key area where your breathing in from is your heart. People have been taught to breathe deep from the lungs and if your spiritual you’ve been taught to breathe in from your base chakra (lower stomach).

It’s all about the heart

Even though the mind has million times more nerve cells than the heart. The heart is 5000 times more powerful. Our body’s are electromagnetic (this is covered in an earlier post)  and the heart has the highest electromagnetic pull. Therefore when you breathe from this area your bringing more power to the surface to regain a rational level-headed state. Thus making you redeem full control over your thoughts and therefore your actions.

Until next time

Love Z x




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