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Hi guys!

At the end of my previous post I wanted to go and link the subconscious mind and energy. Not energy in terms of power supply. Energy in terms of the human body or in a fantastic article I once read the biology labs often refer to the human body as “a bioelectrical, signal transmitting organism” (ref, journal of environmental and public health article 2011).

Please stay with me guys! Im not about to give you scientific jargon you won’t want to read or may not under stand. But before I go into depth id like you to understand that title.

So bioelectrical means that the body can produce an electrical current generated by our living tissue. And as for the signal transmitting organism. This basically means that the human body can transmit electric signals. Such as radio signals, TV signals, sound waves from music the list is extensive. These electric signals are also called frequencies. Frequency is the speed at which the electric signal moves i.e. faster or slower. (This is also why we can get a static shock sometimes its electric at low voltage running through us!).

So now we have a basic understanding that the human body transmits electric signals through itself. Whats this got to do with energy? We’re getting there. . . .

Now we are going to speak about quantum physics. Again I promise, you won’t close your eyes and it will be easily understood so that you can join all the dots as to what I’m talking about!

Quantum what!?

Quantum in physics means “a minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction”. Quantum physicists look at the world in terms of energy. When human tissue is put underneath a very powerful microscopic lens what they see is really fast vibrating energy. This is broken down into a quantum (minimum or smallest) level. When you break down what the human body is made up of it comes down to tiny moving particles called atoms smaller than atoms are subatomic particles some call this “matter”. The list goes much smaller but for the purpose of this post id like to stick with atom or subatomic particles. This tells us the human body at its very core is moving and vibrating energy.

Further to these findings dating back in 1801 a man named Thomas young carried out something called the double slit experiment. This experiment is basically as follows. Particles of matter were fired through two slits what the scientists were expecting to see is two lines appear on the back wall where the particles of matter hit. However there was an interference and what was hitting the back wall would change. Every time they did this the results would differ based on the observer. 


Each observation carried by each different scientist had a different end result. That result was based on what the scientist thought would happened. This is very key guys thoughts have been measured. A thought is also energy vibrating at high speeds as is the human body. What becomes fascinating is the way our thoughts affect our environment thus our reality around us.

We discovered that the human body is at its tiniest point bits of moving vibrating matter. This goes for everything we see solid or otherwise in the world. Yes even our desk chairs our beds our TVs are just bits of matter vibrating at different speeds. This tells us our world and further our universe is made up of all this fast-moving matter that can connect amongst itself.

We have heard of “like attracts like” there is a fundamental core truth at the bottom of this saying. Given the above findings of energy and how it’s connected like thoughts will connect with like thoughts. And how this affects your physical reality is based on your daily long-term thinking you are drawing to you a negative or positive outcome.

On one hand this can be very scary as you may think “oh my god i have to monitor all my thoughts” and I’m still stuck in negative thinking patterns does that mean my upcoming life is going to be like horror story!

STOP! Breath calm down

First things first we average around 60,000 thoughts per day. No one can monitor these no one. (Unless you’re an alien from intergalactic space well then maybe you can. I will find out your secrets one day). Also I made the use of italics for the phrase long-term on purpose. We are talking years worth of repeated unconscious (subconscious) thinking.

We also don’t want to get confused with the simplicity of what I’m saying here. Which is thoughts good or bad equal our reality around us. (No I’m afraid you can’t sit there thinking about winning the lottery all day then win it). Yes I wished that too once but now I know better. I know better because 2017 will see me into my 14th year of studying this mind-blowing research. (I can see what your thinking, I wanted a quick fix 14 years!) Guys things won’t take 14 years I had to muddle through and find things out via research. Im going to lay it out all through my posts so you guys can get there much quicker.

All of this knowledge and how much it can empower you really will come down to effort in, equals reality around you. This is not just about material wealth, which I chased for years. Its about who you are and can you look in the mirror and look up to the person that you are today? These amazing discoveries taught me to be strong and NO external product or person other than myself do I need to conquer life! Well how about that for empowerment. That alone should be worth pursuing this subject. But again I digress.

Not fleeting

Now this is where all the previous posts I’ve written on re programming the subconscious mind link into todays post. When I said long-term thinking I mean exactly that. Those thoughts that we think about ourselves. What we can achieve and what we are capable of on a daily basis on autopilot without ever giving it a second thought. How often do you oppose your own negative belief system and “say hang on a minute where did that come from”.

If you think continuous thoughts NOT FLEETING THOUGHTS of negative structure ones that make you feel like your not good enough. You will literally attract through these energies the things in life that resonate with similar energies.This then goes on to bring forth all the circumstances in your life that match your belief system. (Belief = thought = energy = subatomic particles = particles that talk to each other they either repel one another or join one another).

Feelings again. . .

I know which particles I want joining together to create my reality. ? I said earlier that I didn’t want you guys to over simplify things. Yes its simple once you learn to see life in this way. Like with anything it takes practice. However it’s not just a thought its how you truly feel. Again I’ve spoken about feelings and their importance in previous posts. Feelings have a certain signature for each individual on this planet. I’ll explain this deeper in my next post but ill leave you with this.

Feelings and thoughts will give you a certain energy that energy meets other energies that are the same and draws them close to you. However things that will impact this magical moment are.

Frequency = the speed in which your thought is travelling and the power it has behind it. Early on in the post I mentioned other electrical signals, and because we are a bioelectric body other signals CAN & DO interfere with our own personal signals!

Belief = how much do you believe in what you want? do you want it really want it? or do you want to conform to what society thinks you should have?

See you in the next post!

Love Z x










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