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Don’t give up, today’s post is about what it says on the tin. Not giving up might sound like a simple sentence which you have no doubt come across a gazillion times. But what does it mean? Does it mean chase that gorgeous man or women that you think is out of your league, stalk them where ever they go? then end up with “do not pass go do not collect 200” yes straight to jail! NO. (I highly recommend you don’t take drastic action like this and instead read my confidence building post here, then rethink your strategy when you feel like a million)


I’m talking about wanting to achieve that goal, let me take you through an epic journey of trial, error, disappointment, faith, losing faith. VICTORY.


I’m going to talk about a journey that I witnessed and was part of, for the sake of keeping identity safe I’m going to call the person in question Amy.


Amy was moving from her home town into a new city, after already securing a flat a few months back, knowing that she would have her new job by the time she was due to move to her new home.


Now when this was all decided Amy had at least 6 months to get the job. No problem, with her honorary Bachelor’s Degree and further education not to mention 10+ years climbing the ranks of her field, Amy thought it was going to be a breeze for her to go a level up and land a job. Not so easy it turns out.





Yep, you’ve got to climb some stairs maybe a few hundred or thousand. With an oversized camping backpack, full of bricks. Maybe even rope strapped to your waist pulling along a juggernaut. It’s not pretty and sure as hell isn’t easy. BUT when you meet with that goal it’s a very fine feeling of exaltation. It’s worth every single step.


Back to Amy’s journey. It turns out after 5 gruelling job interviews and consistent knock backs Amy got the job she wanted. To some people 5 may not sound like a lot, at this point I’d like to add that these interviews were a whole day thing. Yep not an hour a DAY. Not to mention the prep for the day and let’s throw in traveling 2 hours to her new city AFTER her current day at work.




Often it is depicted in movies that there is always this one last battle. This almighty battle after the mini one. Lord of the Rings had it. Harry Potter had it. Even the Vampires in Twilight had it.


The point that’s being made is when you’re tired close to the edge and want to give up that’s when you should take the final step and your going to win. Taking that step isn’t always easy, it will take all you have to get up that last time. When it’s that difficult the victory is very much near, it all depends on how much you want it.


Amy really wanted this job, her previous interview was right opposite the one she ended up getting. Two days before she had been knocked back, with a week or so left to the dead line of her handing in her notice with no job in place. One can only imagine the heart palpitations and anxiety that was weighing down Amy. The interview she had just got knocked back from was a 2-day long process!!! Just when you think things are hard enough they get harder!


I remember distinctly her saying to me, she didn’t want to go. The knock back was on Friday her final job interview was on the Monday. She was devastated and scared. After being the best in what you do and on top of your game in your profession and still getting rejected several times is a tough pill to swallow. Can you see how she went in for a mini battle (the 2-day interview process) before her grand finale on the Monday?




How much do you want the things that you say you want? You hear terms like “I’d do anything to have or get that” what does anything actually mean to you personally.


We live in a day and age of instant gratification things should happen with ease and on the click of a finger. Everyone wants a personal amazon account in their back pocket for their life. It’s a one click apply and the jobs done. Accept it’s not that easy.


We have to be willing to put our side of the effort in. This doesn’t mean we have to go through gruelling processes every single time. What it may mean is we have to put our side of the effort in and we will be met from the other side. Often is the case that things are there to test you, to help you grow into the person you need to be to handle whatever it is that you want.




I’m talking about epic battles and final frontiers like it’s the norm and were all some sort of demigods. We are. You think you haven’t got it in you, those doubts they are master manipulators. They paralyse you before you’ve had a chance to fight and so you give up. In most case’s we don’t even try to begin.


What if on the other side of those doubts and fears lay action that will step towards your goals and dreams. It’s just there in reaching distant, you can see it from where your stood you know deep down it calls you. It’s really your choice if you let the voice of doubt and fear get louder than the voice of strength and knowing.


Amy heard the voice and boy did it manipulate her. It lasted a whole weekend but her inner knowing was stronger. She described it as “something inside of her”. You’ve had that something many times in your life. You can’t put a name to it, a niggle or a nudge. The most common “a feeling”. Go with it and don’t look back, it will take you places. Even when you want to give up if you go deep enough you will find the strength.




Follow the yellow brick road. Except you will have twists and turns and falls and battles. It will most certainly feel like failure at many points but then there is elation, this most triumphant feeling (it’s like “your so money super market” if you haven’t already watched the add, watch it you’ll know what I mean).


You will find yourself saying “you didn’t expect it to go that like” we never do! Victory always comes from behind in the least expected way.


The most common example I’ve seen of the path not looking the way you want it to is with your jobs. You want this particular new job, and you are not willing to apply for anything other than this specification. There’s jobs out there that are similar or maybe even a step backwards. What you don’t realise is that by going with one of these jobs that is a close match, we open doors that we cannot see in the future. That company may have an opening and it was the one you were looking for. You may stumble upon something even better in a different department that pays more. All of these possibilities are things we cannot conceive of in our minds.




As I’ve always believed there is a universal mind that connects us all. That universal mind is like a massive soup of ideas and opportunities we will never see all those opportunities ever so we have to trust and go with the flow. Only because something doesn’t look the way you want it to right now does not mean you’re not heading in the right direction. You are always heading towards your goals and dreams so don’t give up!


Below is a short video by the brilliant Brendon Burchard about not giving up on your goals and dreams.


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