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Hey everyone,

Does it have to be now? Why do we always have to be so impatient or why do we not give things time? Our monkey mind (conscious thinking) kicks in and wants to sort everything right now. If there is a problem we always start thinking of how to resolve it within the resources, we have available to us in the immediate present. Why not wait a few hours’ days or even months to resolve an issue when there may be more resources.

We want what we want so the answer to does it have to be now is yes for now. What we don’t remember or for those of you that are not aware is our mind is connected to an all-powerful superconscious mind. Some people call it the universe or our higher self. Whatever name you’ve personally given it doesn’t matter all that matters is how we connect to this power.



Ever had that hunch or niggling feeling that won’t go away, that will be your all-important superconscious kicking in and resolving situations through feelings and intuition. For those of you who may think this is a bit woo woo and out there let me ask you something “ever had a gut feeling”?  Can you explain where it comes from when you just know?

This would be your subconscious who is connected to your superconscious. Wouldn’t it be really cool if there were these amazing super powerful minds. Which could help us out all the time and run the show for us. Then guide us down the easiest past towards our goals and resolve our problems? Turns out that is exactly the way it would happen if we let it.




When a problem occurs, it is natural for us to go all guns blazing into action mode trying to find the best fit. Then we get angry and frustrated and worry A LOT. There are somethings that cannot be resolved right now and don’t need to be. Worrying how the bills will be paid will not magic money into your bank account. Being angry at the traffic police for your speeding ticket won’t make that speeding ticket disappear.

Getting stressed that you have to find a new place to live won’t help you find your new home. All this “it has to be now” and the pressure we put on ourselves pushes the answers that we need further away from us. It is true that we can find a way, this way is usually found by obsessing over the thing that is causing us pain and worry. Or we found a solution however it doesn’t feel right and it’s not the best fit. The best fit is to have patience and let the answer flow into your mind there are several ways we can do this.




Does it have to be now syndrome takes us in the opposite direction of where we want to go. This way of pressured thinking always blocks the ideas thoughts and answers that we need to resolve problems in the best way. When we are connected its easier in life and problems don’t have the same hold and effect over us. Hurdles are passed with such ease and precision that the hurdle never seemed like a hurdle at all.

So why are we not taught to connect to this wonderful universal power and why doesn’t everyone use this way first? Because we are not taught how to use both hemispheres of our brains.

left brain right brain


                                           LEFT BRAIN                                                         RIGHT BRAIN


You may have come across the term “left brain right brain” we are predominantly taught to use the left brain. In almost everything we do most of the population will use left brain thinking and ignore the intuitive nudges from the right brain which in turn come in from the superconscious.

The left brain that uses logic will have us go through different actions until one fits. When things don’t go in our favour we then get stressed and start worrying. This will then raise our cortisol levels (stress hormone) which directly blocks the right brain thinking. We are then stuck in a vicious cycle.




Does it have to be now is a blocked way of thinking and can be tamed. It’s much easier than you think but will take 4 key elements.


  1. Consistency
  2. Persistence
  3. Patience
  4. Trust




Let’s look at consistency first. In order to ever gain something from new we have to be consistent in trying to achieve. We do not learn a new skill from doing it once a month we learn through repetition. The new-found skill needs practice just like learning anything, a sport a new skill in work we must do this over and over consistently.




Persistence is not giving up. How many times have you wanted to train and learn something new and gave up after 3 maybe 4 weeks. What about those new year’s resolutions? Statistics show us that a mere 8% of the world keep and follow through with a new year’s resolution. How many times have you given it your all and kept going?




Patience is the complete opposite to does it have to be now. Only because we don’t see results immediately does not mean we are failing. This does not mean it’s not happening for us in the background this simply means we want it now and we are not being patient! It can take time to get results but it’s always worth the wait.




Trust here’s an issue that many of us find extremely difficult. It’s really not our fault, we are conditioned to think life has to be hard and nothing can happen for us. We so easily think the worst of any scenario however just as easily as we can think the worst we can think of better. Note here that I said better not thinking you will be an overnight success and hey presto you wake up with your gold lined slippers in a condo somewhere in the Arab states. You can fully trust to believe that you will have all the answers and everything can result in a good way for you. You need to have faith in the unseen for it to be seen.




If we can adapt to the 4-key elements, then we can achieve connecting and working with super brain power. In order to connect to the superconscious, we need both the left and right hemisphere of the mind to work together. We achieve this by trusting that things will work out for your highest good. To start the process of getting ideas that serve you, you can do the following.


  • Relaxation methods
  • Meditate
  • Listening to music
  • Laughing and having fun
  • Colouring (not just for kids!)
  • Driving your car


(Because of the motion in a car your mind syncs into different brainwaves that are likened to meditation. This is commonly known as “highway hypnosis” this sort of state is where we are in the flow and ideas can make their way in)




The right brain is the intuitive mind but where does that intuition come from? This is you connecting with that higher consciousness. You really don’t need to turn into a Buddhist monk to benefit from these higher ideas. In order to be more aware of this and for it to visit you often you need to be in the flow of life.


Left brain thinking is great. We need it to do daily functions and to learn new tasks until the subconscious takes over and does it on auto pilot for us. It’s the logical brain but this brain can only see what’s in front of us. This is a dot compared to what the superconscious can do. Once we connect the feelings trust will lead you to better results without fail. The superconscious can see the bigger picture and knows to lead us to the right place. This is normally where the left side logical brain gets in the way and we end up doing ourselves out of great success.

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