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The subconscious mind is really the mind which runs the show. It would be really hard-driving a car over and over like it was the first time if the subconscious hadn’t remembered all the different things.

Our habitual way of thinking and further more our deep-rooted beliefs are all within the subconscious mind. Along with our feelings associated with events taken place within our life time.

The subconscious is stored data. When the aim is for something new or we oppose deep-rooted beliefs it can trigger certain feelings based on previous events. These sort of powerful reaction’s  thoughts and feelings combined can stop us dead in our tracks to ever try new things.

Those dreams of an amazing life and how to get there being just being one of them.


It seems to be the case that many of us take these beliefs and think they can not be changed. I ask the question what is a belief? why do you think it holds so much power? why does it stop you from moving forward? lets take a look at belief’s.

A belief is a thought that has been re thought over and over again. When we start thinking in repetition we start building a portfolio. That thought or idea starts gaining power as we associate more and more things to it and finding evidence in relation to it. (Everyone’s heard of the saying “what we focus on expands” right? if not do not fear I will complete that in another post!).

At this point when we see all the evidence we start thinking this is it. This has to be the only way and we start having strong feelings on the subject after all, all the evidence is pointing at this to be a fact right?

What we’ve created here is a perception and that is because we chose a thought. (Which can be changed) gave it meaning and repeated thinking. Then decided ourselves (no one did it for us although we seem to blame the world for our problems, we will get to resolving these that’s why I’m here!)  that this is our reality our one truth. We’ve created these “filters” and we can’t see past them because the evidence is there!!

Change those filters

What I’m saying to you all is CHANGE THOSE FILTERS! That self-created perception/idea/fact/ belief, what ever which way you want to see this. All of it remains under one title and that title is a THOUGHT! and thoughts can be changed!

So how do we get to a point where we can create new belief systems. That will go hand in hand with our desires and strengthen us instead of creating fear in us so we don’t take the steps we need to achieve our dream life?


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