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Hey Everyone!

Exploring how to create dreams into realities, handing you the tools and the guidance that I myself have picked up over the last few decades.  I begin with explaining our conscious and subconscious and how from right where you are you will land in the reality that you want.

Most people don’t realise or even understand the power we hold within ourselves in our very minds. We seem to work on auto pilot constantly repeating the same thinking patterns that are being fed to us via mass media and marketing or the people surrounding us in our lives.

My personal journey into our very powerful mind taught me that we can regain our power and switch off the “auto pilot”. We can choose what penetrates the mind on a conscious level. As we choose our thoughts we retrain our mind to think the new way and that new way my friend can be any which way you want it to be!

So what is it that you dream about which you fear you will never achieve? Is it that fantasy that sees you having the best future and life possible yet you deem it as impossible?

Lets say you could? Would you if you new how you could turn all your dreams into reality? what if you could start with just you?

Lets have a look at the worlds most powerful tool to get you there your mind!



Our conscious mind is our gatekeeper, it filters things out for us based on our perceptions or beliefs. We take in on average 11 million bits per second! Could you imagine having 11 million thoughts in a second? No neither can I thank god.

We on average take in anywhere between 16 to 40 bits of data consciously per second. The subconscious takes in the rest. Our conscious mind is where we hold our short-term memory, this is also the place we do our logical and rational thinking. Our subconscious holds our long-term memory along with our habits and our belief systems.

Key point – conscious mind can make up anywhere between 8% – 12% of the mind. The subconscious is the other 88% – 92%. The way that most people would relate to the differences is in this following analogy.

Your staying away from chocolate fudge cake your gaining way too much weight (conscious). Now you see that chocolate fudge cake, you crave it “something takes over you” you eat the cake. (subconscious).

The over powering feelings come from the mighty powerhouse that is your subconscious, but how do you get that powerhouse to obey?


Continued in part 2 









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