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Hey all!

I’d like to cover this topic because the idea of coincidence and synchronicity is one and the same. However, the people using them are two different types maybe you’re not even aware that you’re a type!

So let’s have a look at the difference between a coincidence type person and a synchronicity type person.


So a coincidence is defined as luck or a chance happening TOO US. So this sort of belief system tells us that if you view things as coincidence then you’re not really in the running for a stroke of luck. Because “these sort of things don’t happen to people like you”. Then there are people that have coincidences every day. There seems to be no shortage of great coincidences, but again those people are really lucky!

What is luck? Really a chance happening that you have no control over. This is the exact reason as to why so many would choose to NOT believe in themselves being lucky. This takes away from our hard trophy cabinet that we worked soooo hard to get. This cabinet is full of our achievements. The harder it is the better it is, its walking around with a badge of honor and saying “look at me I went through life the hardest to get where I am, you can’t compare to me”.

And so with this badge of honour we climb the very very steep steps of life. Feeling a self-worth. This is what it’s about right? A feeling? But now that you’ve done this and shown the world, what do you gain from it other than self-worth? Are you happier? Richer? Smarter? The next billionaire or superstar?

So why? Why do we hold onto this coincidence thing as mentioned earlier. This makes us feel we are in control of everything happening around us. And with loss of control comes fear oh yes. Deep rooted horrible fear.

Fear of what exactly? (I’m aware there’s a lot questions in this post, but I’m hoping you will do some soul searching as I pose these questions to you. I want the best for you and the world. So it helps me to help you grow). Why are we so scared of what, that someone’s going to come along bash you over the head and run away with you glass cabinet full of trophy’s. Come on guys! I’ve got more chance of seagull flying in through the window and pinching my bad ass sandwich!!

Seriously though, we fear because it’s the unknown. The possibility that life doesn’t happen to us is scary. On one hand we fear the responsibilities, on the other hand we fear a higher order at work. An order we have no control over. But, now here’s a BIG but (not that kind, your rude and we need words) what if we do have control and what if the higher order was for us rather than against us?



Things don’t just happen by chance they are orchestrated by the universe or higher order to serve us. Now re read that last bit SERVE US. These are the type of people that believe there’s something bigger at play.

People that believe in synchronicity feel the magic. What I mean by magic is they are fully aware that things are not happening by chance. They know that the universe is pulling out all its universal bus stops for us to hop on the ride. Yep that’s right why is this right? Why is the coincidence hypothesis right? Who defines right wrong and who gives this meaning? We do.

So in this instances everyone’s right. Actually in all cases everyone’s right because they are right in their perception of their reality. If you feel baffled by the last sentence I will cover this in another post.

But again I have to beg the question, why would you choose to ignore the universe and not go along for the ride? It’s because we don’t understand the mechanics of the bus and therefore we don’t trust it. Think about this way the bus will not break down and will stop and all the stops you want it too. It may take you on different roads and paths that you didn’t know existed but it will get you to your destination.

In order for the bus to do this you have to maintain it by putting in fuel (belief) once the tank is full the bus will start its journey. How fast this bus gets you to your stops is depending on how much fuel (belief) you put into it.

Now I don’t know about you guys but I’d rather take the bus than those steep steps. It’s easy for us not to believe in the unseen, but we are aware there’s something out there why not believe it’s for you to help you. From your day to life to your bigger goals and dreams, have faith and the evidence will smack you in the face when you least expect it.

As with the bus analogy you can never see the entire road ahead of you. You see the next few hundred feet and this builds your journey. Does it really matter the exact way the journey is taken. We want the ride to be smooth and we want to get between stops as quickly as possible, actually imagine this happening. How quick would we get bored? Start missing that sense of achievement? Sure yes it would be easy but is easy good for us? Does it help us grow and step out of that comfort zone? No it makes us miserable and makes us feel stagnant like we will never get out from where we are. (I can hear some of you saying “it feels like that anyway”).

To that I say it’s because there is not enough fuel. Go and pick a destination, fill up your tanks and get going! Just remember if the road is bumpy relax knowing your heading exactly where you’ve asked to go. The only other time you won’t reach your destination is if you keep changing it, therefore the bus having to keep changing route to get where you’ve asked it too. This of course will then impact on your time to get there.

Hope this cleared up the two types and I really hope you start your journey quickly. If there’s any questions you can use the contact me form or alternatively if this resonates with you please leave a comment below and subscribe if you would like my weekly posts!

Until next time,

Love Z xxx










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