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Hey everyone!

Gaining weight? This is not my normal topic of conversation. However, I did achieve this feat along with giving up sugar and smoking all within an 18-month bench mark. Yes, that’s right all of this within this time frame. I was almost 16 stone, 20 a day smoker with 8-10 coffees and 2 sugars at a time please. WOW whopping stats but let’s recap.

  • 8 stone to 9.12 stone (total weight loss 5.7 stone or 80 pounds)
  • Gave up sugar cold turkey
  • Gave up smoking (again cold turkey, whilst maintaining weight loss)

The reason why I’m about to give you the highs and lows and of course the how’s is simple. We can and are capable of any feat we just allow ourselves to think we can’t. That’s the whole problem, isn’t it? Those thoughts which keep us chained to the current reality we are in. This is so literal I cannot explain it in words not fully. I’m also an avid believer in the law of attraction.   

I’m adding that I’m an avid believer in the LOA simply because in all my processes and since learning about it in 2004 and further the science to it I’ve seen it play out beautifully. This is not to say I got my head around the way our reality works straight away. I simply researched until the evidence became indisputable. Anyway, I have digressed somewhat, this post is still about weight loss!!


Being nearly 16 stone and still gaining weight is not cool. Not in terms of the difference I felt once id lost the excess weight. When you are there you just don’t realise, you see it but don’t seem to be able to stop eating the unhealthy stuff or just the additional calories. The impact this has on your body is so gradual that your already used to living with it. Because of it being so gradual it doesn’t seem like a shock to the system. For example, if you were to go from 10 stone to 16 stone overnight you would feel every inch of discomfort.

You don’t get this sudden shock when you get the creeping weight gain. I did however start noticing massive changes in health that were linked to weight. Which I thought were linked to smoking! I thought my tight chest and wheezing was smoking. Nope that was weight gain. (had lost the weight and gave up smoking after to know this as fact). Thinking the pain through my knees and down my legs were more about “what runs in the family dad’s arthritis”. Nope again all linked to gaining weight. Suffering from awful acid reflux (heartburn) everyday guaranteed I couldn’t sleep some nights. Wanting change became a dominant thought, knowing and belief started making their way through as gaining weight came with several health warnings.


I never ever once said to myself “I’m not eating x y z” it just well happened.

Ok so there were changes on my part but not through hardship and labour. It started with changing my belief system. Without believing you can deep deep down somewhere there’s no hope. I did start seeing myself as a slimmer person but I’m going to reiterate this because of how very important it is. You must not wish, wishing is NOT BELIEVING. Believing is that what you perceive as not possible as possible.

Believing it can happen is like fact black and white. There will be nothing that can shake that belief and you must hold this belief for a prolonged period of time. As you allow your mind to hold this new truth any evidence to the contrary starts to dissipate.

gaining weight


The above illustration is how our thought process’s take shape. In order for the cycle to be different you must start with your belief system. The rest will follow. Those of you that would struggle in trying to change a belief and start a new behaviour please join this free webinar here.  This webinar is held by a therapist in positive mind training, this knowledge can help you play out new behaviours and repeat them in a short period.

Once the new belief is created the behaviour plays out by itself. To maintain the new belief, you must continue with the behaviour again this forms a cycle of reinforcement this time to serve you.

This is what happened with me and choices started to become easier it was almost automatic. For example, I stopped noticing the things I loved to eat the most and healthier alternatives seemed to pop out at me (I also ate chocolate everyday TRAYS OF IT). Again, giving up sugar came around 12 months later by which time I’d lost 3 stone. It was the next 6 months that were to see me through almost another 3 stone (without any loose skin and no I didn’t do exercise i.e. go to the gym and lift weights nor did I do vigorous cardio).

I was eating healthy by this point. I did walk to work, about 20 minutes each way and head into town which was 5 mins away in my lunch hour. At this point I’d like to add that I’d already been doing this before the weight loss started.


By this point my weight loss journey had become so easy, the behaviour became so ingrained that I could not eat like I used when piling all the weight on. I was in the office and a colleague asked if I would like a coffee, I had been talking about giving up sugar to further help with the final stages of weight loss. As it turns out my work colleague had been paying attention and said “just bite the bullet I’ve not put sugar in your coffee”.

Turns out it wasn’t too bad. To get used to the taste I started adding milk first to all my hot drinks and never looked back. (trust me, milk first gives a creamier taste which goes some way to compensate for the lack of sugar. Like someone very close to me has just found out for herself on the no sugar journey).

After no sugar, anything sweet like chocolate/cakes/sweet pastries just became too sweet it literally is so strong! This is because our taste is re setting itself to what it should be. The momentum had started for a healthy life style and because my mind set had altered so much by this point. The beginning was the only bit that I had to make conscious choices but only some of the time, as I said the better choices just stood out more. The transition took around 6 – 8 weeks for me but as mentioned before with positive mind training it can be done sooner providing you follow the steps. Again, you can enter the free webinar here.


YES!! Of course, you can! There are things that stuck, like I get addicted to Coca-Cola so easily so I learnt to stay away. You can enjoy foods I had takeaways through weight loss if I’m completely honest by the time you get to this stage you just don’t want it. Towards the end of this journey I also decided on quitting smoking in the same way, I just stopped I had done twice on 2 big addictions so the third time became even easier.

The weight gain after giving up smoking is a myth. For me the new food habits were so ingrained that I didn’t reach out for the naughty stuff. Smoking pangs are the same to hunger pangs hence the weight gain, if your mid weight loss like I was you mind is set to a certain way so you carry on with that performance. I knew my food consumption at this, so smoking pangs I ignored because I was too proud of my results to back track. Mind you if I have a bit much sugar I bounce of the walls literally in fits of laughter I’m crying, I literally behave like a child and talk fast!

This post was more an over view that these things once started can become quite easy for the mind to manage and maintain. For those of you that want more step to step guidelines sign up for my subscription to receive my weekly posts or like and share this page on Facebook.

In the meantime, thank you for reading and sharing.

Until next time all my love Z xxx




















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