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Hi guys,

Id like to cover a major topic on self talk. This was going to be a tool but the topic is so vast I feel it needs extensive cover.

Today we are going to discuss self talk or inner talk however you would like to put it. So we have the lay out of beliefs are just thoughts that are repeated over a long period of time. Further to this we have tools to get us going on our journey to create new beliefs therefore creating our new reality. However what keeps our beliefs glued down in our mind?

Self talk is the strongest glue for the subconscious you can find. Now a lot of what we thought yesterday we think today. A lot of what we think today we will think tomorrow. You can already see how we are building momentum in ALOT of repetition. We do this unconsciously mindless chatter we can go for hours. But in doing so we create and cement beliefs that do not serve us or our highest desires.

So why do we do what we do? It’s because we don’t know any different until we are taught differently. If you take a good hard look around in your environment. This consists of TV, music, friends, family, the general public, work, work colleges etc.

Most of what we see here is us being influenced by our surroundings. We think for ourselves (sometimes) but most of the time its automatic. As mentioned before being fed to us through various different channels. You have to ask yourself, where is all this information coming from? and is it even true for me?

Now that’s a big one “ME” as in “YOU”. You need to ask yourself when doubt sets in, when you set a goal or have a brave idea to better yourself. Where does the niggling feeling of fear arise from? Was it because you were told at some point in your life you weren’t good enough?

Were you told that you shouldn’t do x y z? Who set these goals for you? was it you? society telling you? friends? work colleagues (we know these people, they congratulate you for your promotion and harbour resentment secretly if anyone succeeds before them). Maybe your really really well-meaning parents! (sorry mum & dad this is no way a connotation that you did not raise your children properly this is simply an example of unconscious beliefs being passed down).

Guys seriously WE decide what we allow to pass our conscious and plant seeds in our subconscious. When was the last time NEWS was good? Does watching it fill you with joy or fear? So news is an obvious one. How about TV drama all these great new TV series we watch. Do they plant seeds in our subconscious to serve us or against us? After all we are watching them on repeat.

The point is everything we carry around with us is from PAST experiences. Those past experiences were created from past limited thinking. This is because we thought we were not good enough because so and so said we weren’t. We then carried on yet another plausible argument against ourselves letting someone else’s negative thoughts be planted in our subconscious. We then nurtured this seed by watering it with reminders of what so and so said to us. Reinforcing these negative beliefs. Because ladies and gentlemen what we did here is take SOMEONE ELSES view accept it as our OWN (which it wasn’t). REPEATED this for a long time creating a BELIEF that didn’t serve our growth in any way shape or form.

When was the last time you had cheerleading self talk?

When was the last time you were nice to yourself? self talk is very crucial its our glue our cement with out it we fall. This self talk holds us up it binds our beliefs and gives them strength. Think of it as our own cheer leading squad. Every time we have this new idea or start to follow a brand new path. Think of your squad cheering you on “you can do this”. Would this feel good? YES! of course we would feel good all the right chemical releases making us rush with excitement.

Rush of excitement ? yes the feeling of having all this support all these people having faith in us. How about we make the first person ourselves?

This is our aim. I have my own cheering squad I created my squad. Took me practice to banish all the negative data that I was being fed. On a daily basis but I have done this and achieved phenomenal results.

It will reflect in your reality soon enough!

We’ve looked at how to create beliefs and how self talk comes about. In my next post ill talk you through some serious action to well and truly eliminate the negative chatter box. (No I’m not going to advocate drinking heavily and passing out on the sofa although that may work for some). And also how to harness the more positive self talk, we are able to do this rapidly but it takes work and effort no magic pills!

I’m talking about long-term changes. These will reflect in your reality soon enough. For now guys just cut back on the negative self talk and think twice before you tell yourself ” I can’t” or “it’s too hard” or worse scold yourself for making mistakes or not being good enough. You are good enough and your about to be the best version of you yet ?.

Until next time

All my love Z xxxx






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