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Hey everyone,

Past traumas what do I mean? This could range from heavy severe incidents like losing someone. Through to bullying through to that one day someone made you feel inadequate and it stuck with you.

So, there are a range of things here. The core for me is how all of these experience’s make us feel. How these experience’s shape our minds and stop us in the future because it feels the same.

I read an article it went viral within a night. Last weekend about a young girl who had been bullied from year 7 in school. She went through trauma at the age of 13 and then commit suicide 22 months later at the age of 15. This was due to continued bullying and mental illness as a direct affect from the bullying. For those of you who may want to read this can do so here.

I understand in this particular case the bullies were relentless so she had no time in which she could have a break. Mental recovery needs time. This got me thinking about my own journey from a frail mind to a strong one. So, I wanted to touch on how we can make our minds stronger so that past, present and future traumatic experiences have less of an impact on us.

What if our minds became so strong that dealing with said bullies or traumas became something you can deal with at any level without breaking? We are not taught in school about mental health. We’re not shown how to have a stronger mind that is not susceptible to these sorts of incidents. The impact was so deep that it took a young girl, but she is not the only one. Suicide rates in adults are an epidemic and this is stemming from not being able to cope mentally with life or given circumstances.

I say given the right input to our minds this can STOP. This is such a deep topic for me it literally takes my breath away. All I could think last weekend is I wish I was with her I could have helped. I’m sure many of us feel the same. Not in the physical sense by warding off the bad guys but in a mental sense. Maybe I could have given guidance in how to deal with this sort of mental health. You could say there are measures in place for these sorts of mental health issues and traumas. These measures don’t work well, they did not with me and obviously not in this case as she would be here now.


As I’ve mentioned before in my own experience  I’ve been through various different types of therapy. I’m not going to address these therapies individually as there are too many out there for past trauma and feelings of anxiety, depression, phobias, panic attacks, and many other mental health issues.

A lot of these therapies focus on changing the way we think. In doing so we are made to relive the past and to discuss it constantly. Again, I am speaking from 14 years of experience and having come out the other side. Some therapists may negate this and say it is not needed to reiterate the past, however I was never taught to become stronger instead I was asked “how did that feel”. Most therapies do work by understanding and exploring all details of the event.


After researching the mind, I can tell you this kind of therapy keeps us in state of fear. Locked into emotions that do not serve us that we are trying to get away from. To keep re generating any type of fear whether that be a heavy past trauma or someone making us feel inadequate. This keeps us in a state where we will keep evoking these feelings whenever similar events take place or something that may look like a past trauma and isn’t. For example, if as a young child you were beaten on and in your adult life a friend play fights with you and you freeze up. This is how your still locked into that trauma because of your subconscious recording of the event and feelings.

You want change but the feelings are too powerful therefore you cannot continue with anything that remotely evokes those feelings from you.


Training your mind to be powerful as a youngster and even as an adult can save a lot of lives and allow mental health to become a thing of the past. Not only can you alleviate some of the major suffering, you can build confidence in your day to day living so that you can feel empowered. I understand that when you’re in a dark place it can feel like nothing will ever get better, I can assure you it can. I have myself and seen many others go from dark extremes to absolute empowered people living lives to the full.

For those of you that feel you may need much deeper help than an article please click on the name graham price. This is someone I’ve worked with myself who offers positive mind training techniques it may not be for everyone however this is cutting edge therapy that has worked for me. Please bear in mind it’s not your average therapy that has been taught over the last 10 or even 20 years. It’s simple in suggestion but implementing it can alter things drastically in terms of recovery.


Some therapies can ask us to face the fear, I have learnt that facing a fear or your feelings can be extremely scary. If the results do not stack up in your favour you’re doing more harm than good. What you need to be doing before taking this leap is building yourself up. A lot of anxiety states are built around irrational fears as are phobias, before facing anything you must surround yourself with positive life affirming ideas.

Feeling like life’s not just out to get you, that there is so much more, will drive a more confident positive impact than thinking you have to go through the motions to get past something. When you go through motions with fear the fear still resides all you’ve done is the action and not changed the underlying issue at all.

This then takes you to the next time with still the same amount of fear and feelings surrounding the situation.


There are 2 different types of fear.

  1. Fear of something real that has taken place and can repeat
  2. Fear created in the mind that something is going to take place


Again, for those of you that have deeper past trauma and feel you need much more support, please click on the above hyperlink “graham price” which takes you through to a webinar which can support you further.

For those of you that feel they can work on themselves a little at a time, I suggest you continue reading this post. Also, please sign up to my weekly posts at the bottom of the page in the subscription box. I send out weekly snap shots and detailed posts of how to prime your mind to success and I also cover a lot on mental health issues.

Let’s take a look at the fears.

#NO 1 Fear of something real that has taken place and can repeat

This fear is not irrational, something very traumatic has taken place in real life or something that you feel has made you feel inferior or scared. This event has conjured up low level feelings of fear, anxiety, inadequacy leading into states of panic attacks, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) these sorts of mental health issues can leave someone reliving the event over and over as if its taking place again.

# NO 2 Fear created in the mind that something bad is going to take place

This is a fear that is created only in the mind and has not played out in real life. It does not mean that it is any less detrimental to the mind. Images played out in our minds repeatedly with feelings can cause serious mental health disorders too. These are things like anxiety disorders, panic attacks and phobias amongst many other forms of mental illness.

Both can be reduced and stopped please note that anything takes time. This is not an overnight pill that will cure any ailment mental or otherwise. You must consistently implement these strategies in order to see visible results.

Some of the things mentioned here will seem as if they have nothing to do with your direct state. I can assure you from personal experience and sustained recovery via these methods that the impact has altered my life significantly.


Have you ever stopped and consciously become aware of your own thoughts? We re run around 70% of the same thoughts from the day before. The only way we can change what runs is by changing what we are feeding into our minds. If you went through any kind of trauma anything, reading about other people’s traumatic events will further embed the fear.

What about what you watch, soaps that have a consistent negative theme is doing more damage than you think. When you view any TV or movies which are horror or thriller based including the news you are consistently downloading information of a negative kind. TV series and movies bring out feelings in you that match what’s on the screen so your recording this fear based feeling on a consistent basis without knowing what damage they are causing.

If you’ve gone through intense trauma, watching any of these types of TV dramas or movies or anything for that matter with a fear based or negative connotation will hinder your recovery. Try watching funny and easy dramas or movies when you have TV time, stay away from anything that evokes negative feelings.


The event that caused these feelings in you is not a TV series and I appreciate that, again having lived through some of these traumas myself. However, the impact that these things have is tremendous. We not only have lived through something that produced fear in us we continue to watch things and listen to things that evoke further fear in us. Only because it’s not real does not mean it’s not affecting us.

Our minds do not know the difference between real and imagined, our bodies via instruction of our mind will produce the same response in feelings as if we were the ones going through it. This further holds true for any material that goes in to our minds be it reading or music or even listening to someone else’s argument. It’s all relevant in creating a frail mental health picture. This picture as a whole makes you weaker so you are unable to recover from past traumas and events.


You must on a consistent basis surround yourself with positive information. You need to follow anything that talks about empowerment. Read novels of fiction or fact that are fun and inspiring. Listen to music that lifts you, stay away from music that is heavy with lyrics that evoke sadness in you.

Again, you are running a movie in your mind with very real feelings, make this time with music a positive life affirming place. Put down the daily newspaper (pet hate alert my big sis never stops reading the newspaper every morning! Stop it!) and switch off the news! Implement these small day to day changes and you will notice the anxiety reducing. It will take time but you are literally on a mission to saturate your mind with good positive high vibing things.


This is a stepping stone, all of this combined will make you stronger this is making your mind stronger. As you slowly start seeing more and more good things within your immediate vicinity you will start having stronger feelings about yourself and you will grow strength to strength as a person. This person will then be able to deal with the feelings of the trauma in a different non-fearful way. As this starts taking place you climb out of the mental health state into one that is healthy and strong minded.

I’ve gone through the process myself as have others I have taught. The time it takes depends on how much you change around you. If you only read the odd self-empowerment book but watch heavy negative TV, then it will take much longer. If you decide to go the whole hog and literally delete most negative input, then it will be a matter of months.


That’s right, it will take some serious practice every day. We are surrounded with pessimistic people or negative stories from around the world. It can be hard for us to get away from it. With practice, you will soon be able to switch off from it all. You will only be fully present in happier and more empowering events. The good things in life will gravitate towards you and you to them. You will get to a point where the good stands out far more than the bad.

All in time will become easier, you will get to point where everything you take in is just positive. This helps you with your goal of becoming mentally strong. You will be able to deal with past traumas and events that took place from a different level. When it comes to having to do things and face certain things that have caused you mental agony in the past, you will be able to rise above your feelings because your strong enough.

I hope anyone that is reading this can resonate at some level and know that there is a way. You are welcome to email me at zaira@mindspirithack.com for any support or direction. Please note I am not a psychological practitioner or therapist.

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