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Hey everyone!

Starting a whole new year 2017! Full of promise and progression (that will be the optimist in me and if you’re not one of those continue reading my blog I have a high conversion rate!).

Moving onto the topic in hand “acceptance”. First let’s establish what type of acceptance I mean, if someone’s rude to you for no obvious reason I’m not meaning for you to become some sort of doormat and not stand up for yourself and continue acceptance of unjust and threatening behaviour.

However, the acceptance I am discussing is the kind that you cannot change such as the past and present moment.We do not have control over what’s been and we cannot re write history. More to the point why would we want too? Our challenges and choices allowed us to grow and at any given point we can make different choices to better our future.


This is a grave mistake in thinking. Unfortunately, in today’s society almost everyone looks at past regrets and what they could have achieved. Why could?

Why does the future have to be the same as the past? It doesn’t. Simply put different action different results. A very wise man once said:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”

When you made a decision in the past say five years ago. That version of you is very different to the one today. Yes, you are a very different person, you may not believe this to be true or you might. For those of you that would deem themselves the same as the past need to take a closer look at their own mental thought patterns. Would you decide the same things as five years ago as now? If those choices that you seem to regret were given again?

A majority of you will answer NO. This means you have changed your outlook on life therefore making you a different person. If you are a different person today to five years ago it stands to reason that your outcome in life will be different based on the new you if you try a new way or even, try again with your new-found growth and outlook.


This is not a new concept but what do people mean by acceptance of what is?

Accepting what is, would be to not try and change the current moment you’re in. Some examples would be your current life you may want a bigger house right now, you may also want a twenty thousand pound raise right now. Are you likely in this very moment to magic these changes into existence? NO.

Then why do we spend countless hours agonizing over the current circumstances of our life’s when we cannot change it? I don’t mean never I mean in the here and now. Of course, moving forward things can change if you think and act differently.

Acceptance of our current circumstances can alleviate a lot of worrying and unnecessary heartache. You may not even realise but staying in a state of non-acceptance hinders our growth. This actually makes things move slower for us why? Because we are spending our energy thought and time thinking of what we want changed and the fact that it’s not with us. As opposed to thinking what do I need, to be able to bring about the circumstances I do want in my very near future.


Acceptance diminishes control, this is because we tend not to accept things as they are. We then go about trying to control the situation, normally we are unable to do this and we end up in that very frustrated position. In the end its us getting frustrated and that’s it, we look around no change only damage in the way we feel.

Accepting your current reality and trying to aim for better results in the future, is not the same as controlling every element now, whether it’s in your control or not or thinking you have to fight your way through life. Not accepting is likened to an everyday fight which you don’t seem to be able to walk away from.


Being in a place where you can let go of things and be OK with not needing to control things from every angle and accepting what is. This will allow you to release negative feelings and will guide you’re to a more positive mind-set towards the solution to any given problem.

Simply because you and your physical body (you don’t even notice this when your tense as we live in an unconscious auto pilot state. It would be the same as thinking every time we breathe, it just happens) will be at ease.

From this place, all sorts of real aha! Moments can take place. Yes, there are lots of people that advocate activities such as meditation etc. to get you in this relaxed state in your daily life, but the truth is you don’t necessarily need this. You can in this moment choose to accept whatever it is that’s bothering you. This bother will not grow an outcome of suited measure. What you get for your emotional upheaval is more dismay at the very thing that started all these feeling of un ease in the first place.

IN THE END. . . . . .

In the end, it is still a feeling that you are after. Whatever the material object is or your chosen circumstances are, will always translate into how you want to feel. This how will never come from fighting. How many fights have you had over your life time with the fruitful results you were hoping for? Did you have to wait for said circumstance to change in a near future anyway?

Have you ever been so caught up in your fight that its blown way out of proportion? Which then coming back from that end result was even harder than where you started?

Start this year trying to accept as many of the situations you’re in that are not to your liking. From this space start your 2017 then see yourself grow faster than you have before. Your mind-set and your emotions are key factors in any endeavour which you wish to carry out. Unfortunately, in today’s chaos these are the very things that get over looked time and time again.

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