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Ok so theres me with a pretty serious expression! I don’t know why but I have such a poker face in photos. I promise I’m a smiler ? a big one.

The aim of this website is to provide everyone the wealth of knowledge that I have picked up in the last 14 years of “life hacking”. I’ve created posts that give you step by step guidance on how you can create the life that you imagine but feel powerless to do so.

I once had the mindset that I would never live out my dreams. Until I started reading some amazing books. Which then led to self discovery and further research (and still researching!). I want to share tried and tested methods with everyone and help anyone that feels life has got the better of them and they will never achieve their dreams. This is simply RUBBISH!

This journey started for me as I suffer from forms of claustrophobia and agoraphobia. I have seen over the years an array of psychotherapists. Nothing helped I felt trapped in my own mind. Until one day I stumbled upon my readings which turned me from helpless to so powerful Ive never looked back.

I personally through these methods created a healthy mind. Away from most negative thought patterns which then propelled me to step outside of my comfort zone. I lost six stone in weight. More than doubled my salary with no additional qualifications in one fell swoop no jobs inbetweenI quit smoking cold turkey even whilst still on a weight loss journey. All this was done with quick succession and just with my mind! My newest venture is this entrepreneurship with my empowering blog and leading others to live out their dreams to the highest extent possible. Who knows where I’m heading next, but I do know this its closer to my dreams.

Because we can, because even though we haven’t met I believe in you. It doesn’t matter where you are in life. Trust me we ALL can achieve whatever we set our mind too.

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