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Hello everyone!

In my previous post I started talking about being able to change reality with our thoughts. I went into a bit of detail as to how this works on a quantum physics level. Further to this I touched on a subject of “universal laws”. Some of you may have heard about these laws and some of you maybe never.

Id like to cover this topic as it explains the saying “like attracts like”. I explained this saying for what it was in my previous two posts however that was only one side of the story. As explained our thoughts are tiny particles of energy moving at different frequencies (speeds). I then go on to say how like particles attract other like particles to form our reality in the physical.

It took me a long time after “the law of attraction” (which is only one of the 12 universal laws) became very famous to piece together the puzzle. See the law of attraction states “our thoughts become things” and that we attract what we think about. Although this is true on the surface there is a lot more to it on both ends. I’ve discussed what type of thoughts would create your reality by delving into the subconscious mind. This then links into quantum psychics and how under a powerful microscopic lens the human body and everything we see in our world is nothing but tiny particles vibrating at different speeds.

We’ve also gone on to look at an experiment which is only one of many “The double slit experiment”. This experiment tough us that the observer based on their belief changed the outcome of the experiment.

With all this in mind what is it that draws like thoughts to our thoughts? Lets begin with the universal laws and come back to this question to fill in the blanks.

Universal laws

1. The Law of Divine Oneness

2. The Law of Vibration

3. The Law of Action

4. The Law of Correspondence

5. The Law of Cause and Effect

6. The Law of Compensation

7. The Law of Attraction

8. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

9. The Law of Relativity

10. The Law of Polarity

11. The Law of Rhythm

12. The Law of Gender

So above are the 12 universal laws. These laws have been with us through centuries every religion will speak about these further to this each law has proved it self to be correct over the years in history. These findings date back further than the hermetic philosophical history that we have come to know.

Why then are these truths not spoken of? It’s because we live in an age where a dogmatic society is omni prevalent. Following the masses and media our neighbours and the community or other wise we stick out like sore thumbs.

But what if sticking out like sore thumbs meant you go from working for someone to being a grand scale entrepreneur? What if it meant not being in debt? Having an abundance of wealth? Falling in love with your perfect Mr or Mrs?

Hmmmm sounds nice doesn’t it? You there wakey wakey! Come on I understand I took you off to fantasy land but let’s get back to it ?.

I’m going to concentrate on the most well-known as it’s the most relevant on the back of my previous posts.

The law of attraction

This law states that like energy’s out there in the unseen will attract one another and form our surrounding reality. We attract based on what our vibrational signature is. What I mean by “vibrational signature” is what our dominant thoughts are.This is because as we’ve discovered thoughts are also moving energy vibrating at different speeds. Buried in our subconscious minds (remember the ones that we can change. If you haven’t read my posts on this I strongly recommend going back and reading how to make some phenomenal changes!).

There are some fantastic teachers out there that talk about this law and can give you insights that I myself am unable to. A site that I read myself is Kelli cooper’s “life made to order”   she’s a fantastic law of attraction coach.

So coming back to my own findings over the years again tried, seen and tested. When you become aware of these laws and I will cover them all in my up and coming posts. You start seeing them in your life everywhere. I was overwhelmed at first, then I realised they are here to help us! They are like the law of gravity they just are. Learn about them and open your eyes and see them in action its phenomenal. These universal laws followed as a whole will create some serious results. However you can practice each of these universal laws one by one or just focus on this one for now.

Synchronicity or coincidence?

You will see all sorts of synchronicity’s start taking place. These will take place when you’ve gone back and changed your thinking patterns and give it time. These are not over night changes. Magic does happen and it will have faith do your homework. Read up about these things or simply follow my blog! ?

You will start to notice little things at first and shake your head thinking that’s “coincidence”. Or you may just brush it off. But you try it, start focusing your mind on the things that you want. Start installing new beliefs keep repeating your new way of thinking until it becomes unconscious thinking as you do with your negatives now. And watch the reflection in your life. Ever wondered why when you want a new car you see it everywhere? Surely the cars always been on the road? Or maybe you thought of someone and they message? I’ve done this so much I’ve lost count!

Ever really needed help with something? go back and just think be true to yourself, and the help shows up in unexpected ways. Or you just “happened” to bump into the right person, product, website.

These happenings will become more and more prevalent as you keep re training your mind. It’s not a case of read once get all jazzed up and then think it’s all going to change. It’s about persistence. Like an athlete training for the olympics that muscle they keep working which then gets adapted to that way of being used. It’s the same with your mind you keep repeating certain behaviours and you will get a result. It’s the same with anything, we did it with driving, riding a bike, swimming.

Guys we’ve got this!

Guys we’ve done it the opposite way around. Installed negative behaviours, over eating, smoking, self-criticism, not feeling good enough. Just try reversing this with things that you want and start believing in yourself. Then what you’ve achieved here is like flicking a switch. You won’t notice the opposing things anymore, you will start noticing everything that goes inline with your new successful thinking.

Give it go its free so you have nothing to lose.

Until next time

Lots of love Z xx






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